The word is spreading quickly!! You CAN really make a difference!!

So I got a phone call from Coy Campbell King of Clay Gardens this morning in regards to our little farm. He was asking about what should be planted and when. Honestly, the gardening aspect of this project is all brand spankin' new to us here at the acre, and unfortunately I have no clue how to do it "right", since this is my first year even sowing a seed. I was however able to offer up some tips on raising chickens and goats though since we started the animal portion of our farm last year when we acquired goats and hatched our first chicks.
It is truly amazing that so many people have access to gardenspace, but yet so few people actually get out there and do it - but this is just another example of someone who is looking to the future of food and learning to grow and provide for themselves and family and friends - and this is all a possibility. All you need is about an acre! I can't wait to be able to follow Clay Gardens and their progression with the gardenspace and goats and chickens! 
Stay tuned as we follow others as the temperatures get warmer and more people decide to break ground and grow their own food.

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