More on Ellen...

Tuesday I missed the birth of Ellen, and on Wednesday I had car trouble, so today I was finally able to get back out to the farm to see this beauty! Jason was able to capture my response to seeing Miss Ellen. It was a very magical moment. 
I got very emotional when I saw her - I actually felt as if I played a pretty significant part in this little girl. We got Ellie on February 1 of this year and with her came Eli - they are not brother and sister but are very close in age. This is our very first baby born on our About An Acre farm, so it is very sentimental and carries with it a sense of accomplishment.
Brutus is being carefully introduced to Ellen over a period of closely monitored time so that he is aware that Ellen is part of his family and he is to protect her as he does the others in the field.
The weather has been horrible the last few days and so cold for a newborn kid, that I have been a little concerned, but Ellie is an amazing mom and has been keeping Ellen warm and full of milk!
I am still at a loss for words on this exciting experience, so here are some more photos to tell the rest of the story. 

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  1. I came by to pick up raised garden beds about 15 minutes after Ellen was born and got to pet her! It was thrilling! She is so adorable. Of course, now I want me a goat! :-) Cynthia, http://www.upscalebohemianliving.com