Grow Shiitake Mushrooooooms? What is THAT?

So I get a message asking if I want to go to Hartwell to inoculate some shiitake mushroom logs. Sounds strange. I don't even know what that means. So of course I agree. Then I start 'Googling'.  Ohhhh. OK. Looks pretty cool! Annnd I just happen to be training for this race called "Tough Mudder" and in the race you have to run part of the way carrying logs. This is perfect! Turns out we will be inoculating around 100 logs. I don't even eat mushrooms, but this is the year I am making a change. This year I am committed to trying EVERYTHING we grow/ harvest/ trade.
Jason met this couple in Hartwell when he sold them some chickens. They had been apprenticing on a farm and wanted to be able to have their own fresh eggs. 
I ask Christian and my friend Lauren if they want to learn how to grow shiitake mushrooms and they both are in for the learning experience.....can't wait to get down and dirty with some manual labor and learn about something that I know nothing about but I will keep you posted!

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