Every spring when the trees bloom and everything starts turning green again, I am reminded how much I dreamed of our place for years and years before we ever knew it existed. Once upon a time some 20 years ago, I used to say “one day Christian, you’ll see. We are gonna have a farm! And we are gonna have a porch we can drink coffee on and watch our animals!” See? Positive thinking really works!
Also - March is Womens History Month! Last March I started a process to make my own little mark in history, and to take a stand for something that lots of women in the south commonly are subjected to in the workplace. Good ol’ misogyny. I had to go through hoops and official procedures for almost a year, and that truly made me understand why most folks just give in. As you all know, I am not ‘most folks’, and so that ball is still rollin’. I will share more on that topic another day, but it has been absolutely informative and educational, and one day I hope to share my experiences with others to help with navigating this process and advocate for others.

Now on to farm happenings…
Yesterday, all evening the windows were open, and as much as I was hoping for snow, I am really feeling energized by this early spring. I was out in the morning and came home to a most beautiful homemade rum cake from a friend, sitting my porch. I swear, when the farm has a loss, my people really show up and for that I am so grateful. The plan is to have a slice of that deliciousness this evening with a hot cup of coffee…

Tuesday I mowed for the first time this year, and it was the also first time EVER I’ve not had Eli attempting to charge the mower… I know the last several days have been all about Eli and his passing, but I guess I just never realized how much work he was… I mean you guys would not believe all the times he rammed the the hood of my ol’ John Deere. As the time passes, I realize that Eli really did hit the jackpot with me.
Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m pretty certain no one else would have been able to hang onto him through every one of his shenanigans his whole life as I did, and I’m pretty proud I loved him through thick and thin, up until the end.

My old ornery boy and I shared a very sweet moment Sunday night before his last day. It was the first time in a very long time that I sat on the ground level with him, and he nuzzled me. He loved on me, gently petting me with his horns. I think he was telling me he was tired and uncomfortable, and ready. It was a very sweet meaningful moment, and I’ll always cherish it. The damage he was constantly causing, the money he was costing me, the fences he was always destroying, and the sheer terror that he caused because he had to have all the attention and wouldn’t share with anyone - it was all normal to me, and now it’s all gone and I don’t miss it one bit. I guess I was so used to it, I didn’t realize how much work that little hellion was.

When I first rescued the goats, there wasn’t any goat rescues for me to follow - all these non-profit goat rescues did not exist back in 2010, so I had nothing to compare my experiences with. Eventually Goats Of Anarchy came along a few years later, then a few others, and I got to have a peek in the lives of others who rescued goats. Their lives all seemed waaaaay easier. They all had cute little bouncing baby goats, and the most gentle affectionate mature goats and I just could not relate. I mean I had moments, but they were few and far between, and I’d always have to separate Eli from the others to give any attention. I used to actually get a little jealous of all those accounts I’d followed and think to myself, “Why can’t I hang in the field on a blanket with my babes like that??”, and “How is it possible these people don’t have to redo their fences constantly like I do??”, and “Wow, none of their goats play rough and charge like Eli does. No fair!”. Since he’s been gone, I’ve been able to do all those things. Lay in the field with Ellie and Ellen. Feed treats without the others getting rammed out of the way. He was something else, that’s for sure…. and I let him be and I guess that is how it was supposed to be….
He wasn’t a cute little baby when I got him, he was already an adult and he was very sick, and because of that and he was neutered a bit later in life. Wethers never have that hormonal surge. Once he was healthy enough to be neutered, his hormones had already started his bucky ways, so that could have been why he was such a handful all these years.
I do miss him terribly, but I am getting used to this easier and slower paced life in his absence…..

In other news, Waylon had two unsupervised afternoons in with the ladies. I’ll get some pics soon! Most of the girls are being sweet to him now with the exception of one - Joan Jett - and she picks on him still, but he can run away, and since the others aren’t all ganging up on him anymore, he will find his place. I’m really excited about him making friends in the next few weeks! He loves going into his very own apartment (a large airline crate in the barn) at night, so he will always sleep separately, but is gonna be just fine free ranging during the day with the gals!

It is 6:30am here and you can already see just a little bit outside.. this means when the time changes in less than two weeks, it will be fully lit at 6am (!!!!) and this is totally my favorite time of the year. I’m an early bird. I wake up when it’s dark and wait for the sun to rise. I love to be outside working before the world wakes up. Alongside the birds singing, the wet dewy grass, and the coolness before the sun heats everything up.

Yeah, all is good here and the coffee is fresh and hot. Happy Thursday y’all.


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