want/ need/ hear/ read: cold rainy day version ;)

SNOW. I want some snow SO BAD. I know we usually have cold wet winters, but can we trade some of this rain for some of the white stuff, pretty please? In anticipation of a good snow at the farm, I give you my most favorite pic from almost two years ago <3

I did not even know this thing existed until yesterday when my brother and his friend came out to help me on the farm and brought one! It is cordless and compatible with my batteries!! Whoa!!


Who doesn't need help in this department? 
How To Appear Normal at Social Events: And Other Essential Wisdom
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Happy friday, y'all!  I just got off work and have lots planned for this upcoming sunny and cold weekend! Stay tunes for pics and possibly a sweet treat this weekend! 



Sunday Soup: Creamy Chicken & Thai Noodle

I was under the weather a little last week, and as I "took it easy", and snuggled with my dogs, it gave me a creative opportunity to plan a new segment for the blog for the cooler months.... 

Sunday soup.... it is a perfect way for me to meal prep for my lunches at work, and it is also a good way to keep lunch fairly healthy as well! I decided to start the segment off with a creamy chicken & thai noodle soup that I ate for lunch last week when we didn't have leftovers of collards and other seasonal greens....

This recipe is pretty basic and anyone can adjust the amounts of seasoning to suit your taste.

4 boneless chicken thighs... (Fresh Market was having a sale on these at $2.99/lb!!)
1 onion (quartered)
4-6 ribs celery (sliced)
3 large carrots (peeled and sliced)
1 tablespoon ground rosemary
2 teaspoons salt
4 Cups chicken broth
4 Cups chicken bone broth 

cook covered at medium temperature for about an hour, reduce to med-low, and add 1 Cup half & half...continue to cook another 15 minutes, then add your noodles, cover and turn off the stovetop. I regret to say that I did not measure out how many noodles I used, but it was just over 1/2 of a 14oz. box... 

Wait about 20 minutes, and devour...


thursday's mixtape

Yeah, I have been on a huge hiatus from these mixtapes, but I have still been getting them weekly from Christian. This one is perfect to come back with. A double mixtape....  Plan a drive out to the country in this very autumn-y weather and T U R N - I T - U P.....



I call this time of year - the few days after Halloween, “pre-Christmas”! Yeah, I am one of those. Thanksgiving is the halfway point between Halloween and Christmas. And my eyes are on the prize! I get several days off from work for Christmas, and every day until Christmas, I count down and will express gratitude for all the things that I have. All the little moments I am able to experience, and all the friends that have stuck around year after year. The dude that never anticipated he’d live on a farm, tucked away in a fairytale setting. Each day until Christmas on my Instagram feed, I am devoting one post to the things I am grateful for. 

I am starting off by expressing some gratitude today. My grandmas. Both of them. One showed me how to make old lady apple dolls, crochet, and how to look fancy in winter hats. The other taught me how to sew, grow a garden, and make red eye gravy. 

I have forgotten how to crochet, but I think it wouldn’t take much of a refresher to remember it again, and I sew whenever the time allows.... I am actually working on my Christmas costume today - ha! Yes, you read that right. Christmas costume. Every year I have a “Christmas With The Bitches” fundraiser, and I have a costume. I’m that girl. 

Anyway, after my morning of sewing, feeding animals, washing out and refilling water troughs, walking dogs, and planning out the next 52 days (until Christmas :) ), I will be attending a doggie wedding fundraiser with several friends. Check tomorrow’s post for pictures. I imagine it will be super cute. After that I am hoping to squeeze in a hay run since it is SO COLD and the horses have yet to get in their winter coats - horses stay warm by grazing, so hay = warmth.. 

Happy Sunday y’all! Hope to see you at the pup wedding in a bit!