looking forward to earlier mornings...

This Sunday the time goes back one hour. While I get annoyed that it will be dark by 5:30pm until Spring, I am happy that the mornings will come a little earlier and that most of my farm chores will be done by 6pm (animals operate on daylight time). You see, when you have to be at work around 8am, and it is still dark at 7:30am, but you have to walk two dogs, feed horses, goats, & chickens, all while holding a flashlight and hoping to avoid an encounter with a creature of the wild, like a skunk.... ha! Yeah. I am happy about being able to do this now with a little morning sun. It means I can start earlier and not be so rushed to get it all in.... it also means that I can get back to my "suppertime strolls" which come in quite handy this time of year when I am more likely to eat more, because I love baking this time of year, and must taste it all..... 
This morning it is raining and cooler, Reece is next to me as I type, cuddled under a knitted blanket, snoring... I love and hate equally mornings like this. I hate that the rain is keeping me from my outdoor workout (which also serves as my therapeutic 'medicine'), but I love that instead of working out at this time, I am blogging...next to my sleeping rescue dog....listening to music and the rain on the tin roof, slowly sipping coffee, and dreaming a little about the future. 

I love this time of year, mostly because the jungle growth slows down. It gives me a chance to cut things back, visualize (once again) what I want certain areas at the farm to look like, and to plan financially for the upcoming year all the changes I want to see. Last year around this time I decided to finally put into place a plan to transform 2/3 of the 1300 oblong building on our property into a really cozy workshop/ idea hub/ studio for all of my dreams and projects. 

I visualized building two proper kennels inside for fostering a dog or two for short periods.... this happened a few times, with my very first overnight guest being Bruce. 
Now off to do all the things that must be done before work. IN THE DARK. 

Happy Wednesday to you all and may your day be swell! 




want/ need/ hear/ see

Yes! I am happy to be back with this segment. It is always a favorite this time of year, and although there aren't many gift ideas in this post, as we get closer to the holidays, there will be. For now just my usual odd wants and needs and recent binge watches.......
oh, how I want to see my visions for the workshop come together this winter while everything is dormant. One of those things is a red picket fence. Why red? Because I love color, and my favorite colors together are red, teal, and pink, which are the colors of the privacy fence in back.... I think a red picket fence up against the multicolored shop would be absolutely perfect.

I need a new pair of running shoes. I have worn out the ones I have been wearing.... any suggestions? I've always been a fan of the Nimbus from Asics, but I got a pair of Nikes last year for Christmas and they've been doing the trick as well! 

an oldie but so good. L7. What a great band that I have always felt didn't really get the recognition they deserved. 
this show is SO GOOD. Christian and I sat down to watch the first episode Saturday night and I couldn't sop watching. I love Paul Rudd, and he never disappoints. This is a Netflix original and is available NOW! Watch it and let me know what you think! 


Brrrrr! Fall is finally here!

Another week down, another week I haven't blogged... a lot has happened and I wanted to make sure my footing was solid again before getting back to the blog. Eddie had a bad spell a few weeks ago, but this miracle boy has made a complete recovery. I know his day will come, but for now, he is still here, still boppin' around like a puppy, and he has more good farm livin' to do.

Reece has continued on his upswing of learning to be in the world, not barking AS MUCH when we go through the gate at the park, getting desensitized a bit with people walking near the car, etc, and of course I am still working with Diamond Jim while he is away at school..... He is doing great and if you'd like more info on how you can adopt him, message me using the form on the right ------------->

Blindie had really been traveling the open spaces around here, and I had to step up my search game in order to keep her safe from nocturnal predators, but thankfully now, she doesn't really move much from the front porch now since she knows she has plenty of food and water there.... Yeah, she makes a mess, but one day she won't and until that day comes, she can do as she pleases. She has nourished us with fresh eggs for years and now is her golden years. Her sister is still fat and happy and has been coming up on the porch to hang as well. It is sweet seeing their bond. Most people who don't pay that much attention to chickens wouldn't guess they could be such characters. Anyway, when these ladies move on over the rainbow bridge, the coop will get a fancy makeover, a fresh coat of colorful paint, and a new flock....

I did end up getting my spinach in the ground for at least a short growing season, and we are eagerly awaiting the fresh crispy leaves of green goodness.

I have been getting a lot done on the work front... plans for a Christmas benefit are in the works, plans for a holiday market here and there, and winter projects for the shop's landscape are beginning....

I know I say this every time, BUT I do actually plan on blogging more especially since the holidays are coming up... I love the "want/ need/ hear/ see (or read)" posts and this time of year, I get to suggest gifts for all in this segment! I am planning on starting each week out with this segment starting tomorrow!

For now, sip your Sunday morning joe and catch up with what me and all the animals have been up to on the farm. As always, Christian will never - or very rarely show up in any post, but he is always here and we just polished off an entire season of a new show we discovered last night. Look for it in the post tomorrow! I am off now to feed the chew crew and then have breakfast at the local diner! Xo!


an update....and FRIDAAAAY!

..so here's a little update on the happenings at the frugal fashionable farm.... I have been absent here because things have been extremely busy to say the least. I am getting ready for the holiday season and selling/ making Fox & The Forest goodies keeps me busy starting right about now. These self-care/ holistic products are fun to make and also keep everyone fat and happy at the farm (hay is needed for the horses and goats), also generates much needed funds for wildlife and animal rescue efforts.

I also LOVE baking when the temps fall like they have this last week, so get ready for cinnamon buns, coffee cakes, and pecan pies to make an appearance soon! Reece is still in training and is doing well, and Eddie gets extra pep in his step in the cooler weather as well...

Blindie is still kickin' and somehow gets around very quickly even though she cannot see or hear. A few days ago she had me picking her up out of the neighbors cow pasture, and then last night Christian and I spent at least 30 minutes with flashlights out in the dark looking for her, to give up, and find her roosted on the ash pale on the front porch! She must have slept really good because she was still perched there this morning when I left for work...

All the grass and foliage are mostly dormant already, so I haven't had to mow in weeks - whoop! This is the perfect time of year to do heavy duty brush clearing, and boyyyyyyy do I have plenty to cut. Unfortunately our pecans didn't do well this year so I will have to find a good supplier for all my pecan baked goods.
Anyway, happy Friday and I really do try to post here more than once every few weeks, I have just been a little more involved than usual in the rescue efforts of a few dogs that needed lots of help. Get ready for more regular posts as the temperatures drop....