a typical weekday...

a weekday in the life (on a good day when I actually get up on time! )
wake up, stumble out of bed, lay with Eddie on his bed for a few minutes, then put a pot of water on for coffee
drink my joe, blog for a bit, check emails, Facebook, and IG,
get dressed, let Eddie out for a quick pee, and head out for my 3 miles..... when i don't get out for my 3 miles due to weather, laziness, or whatever, I usually watch an hour long episode of some awful but every entertaining reality show. Tthis morning was one of those mornings and I watched The Real Housewives of Beverly hills. Four years ago I was forcing this crap on my teenage sister (big sisters do this kind of thing right?!?), and it is still a little joke between us now.
Feed Eddie, then put on my muck boots and head out for farm chores (feed goats, horses, chickens, haul water, etc)
Walk Eddie and check all fencelines
shower, then get dressed
head out for work. Take one last minute to snap any sunrise pics and say 'Thank you' as I drive away from my beautiful place.... it will be a whole 9 hours before I can see it again....
Get to work, and start work

12:00 eat lunch at my desk, check emails, answer the phones
leave office, on the mark.
pull into driveway, do a quick lookover at the farm crew, make sure everyone is still behind a fence, and there are no strays before I head inside to change clothes, eat dinner, and feed Eddie
make/eat dinner, catch up with Christian, have friends over
walk Eddie around the property check fencelines, take pictures, pinch myself, farm chores, drag pastures, feed animals, scrub water troughs
sometimes I take a long bath, change into my jammies, and chill out with Christian watching tv and drinking chocolate milk...
9:30 totally out like a light

 happy thursday... the weekend is just around the corner!!! Eeeeeeeeeek!




trees. people. dogs. i love you. yes, i watched kitbull.

things that make you go hmmmmmm....

...When you go out into the woods and you look at trees, you see all these different trees. And some are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens, and some of them are whatever. And you look at the tree and you allow it. You appreciate it. You see why it is the way it is. You sort of understand that it didn't get enough light, and so it turned that way. And you don't get all emotional about it. You just allow it. You appreciate the tree. 

The minute you get near humans, you lose all that. And you are constantly saying “You’re too this, or I’m too this.” That judging mind comes in. And so I practice turning people into trees. Which means appreciating them just the way they are... -Ram Dass

I have posted this little piece before, but each time I see a dog with odd or even initially disturbing behavior, and do a little digging, I can totally understand why. With Deere, he was very uninterested in any kind of bond with a human when I first met him. He was appreciative of a butt scratch if you could get him to be still long enough to give one, but zero effort to connect with you. He arrived at the shelter with a huge scar on the top of his head and cowered when you'd reach to pat him on the head while leashed. That told me a LOT. Fast forward four months and I had worked myself in as being a human he loved, and five months later, he was adopted into his forever home where he has been thriving for a few months now.....

Yesterday I watched Kitbull, the little short released from Pixar yesterday and last night I showed it to Christian. While cute and sad, I have seen it to be pretty accurate... Baby came into our lives a little scarred, but once she knew we were there to give nothing but love, she soon became best friends with our old kitty, then later when we got chickens, she befriended them as well. Later when Spirulina the little stray 4 week old kitten came into our lives, she took her in as if she were a little puppy she had all to herself. I had actually never seen her with an animal so small, and she was so sweet and careful and loving to her..... 

As I type this on this Wednesday morning, while Eddie lays by my feet, living inside with a cat that sometimes terrorizes him, he also went from being an outside dog that chased cats, to an inside dog that actually gets cleaned by a cat. I leave you today with the little short, Kitbull. Yeah, we all probably have a little Kitbull in us. How we chose to move forward and love and trust again is the key to a life full of love. 
this is the little short released by Pixar that sparked this post. Grab your tissues. It is a heartwarming tale of a scarred and abused pibble befriending a stray scaredy-cat....

Do you have a Kitbull story? I'd love to hear it! You can send it to me by using the form on the right or post below! We have made it to Wednesday!! Have a good one. 




why, hello tuesday.....

My mornings usually start around 4:30am with coffee & blogging, taking Eddie out for super short flashlight lit walk for his business, and then going for a 3 mile walk/ jog in the dark. Then I feed Eddie, take him out for a proper walk just as the sun is starting to come up and we check fencelines (this is really something you don't want to do in the dark - skunks !!), feed the horses, chickens, and goats, check waters, fill up if needed, and then shower and get ready for work. Whew! Yes before I plant my ass in my desk chair for 8 solid hours, I have put in more steps and physical work than I will do ALL DAY.
As much as I would prefer to sleep in some days and not get up at 4:30am, there are consequences. Such as, yesterday when I slept in and didn't have time to take a nice long walk with Eddie checking fencelines, only to rush to get dressed (without showering) and make plans to throw food at everyone on my way to the car before heading to work. Yes. This means slinging hay in a dress - sometimes heels. 
Yesterday morning was one of those Monday mornings when I just could not get out of bed on time....I actually had so much hay in my boots when I arrived at work, I had to dump them as soon as I got there just so I could stand wearing them with my tights all day.... 
I am the only woman ever to sit in my office and dump hay from my boots and pull hay out of my hair before getting started on a printing job I am most certain. 
Am I proud of this? 
What other person in my place of work is badass enough to 'get 'er done' before arriving to work looking all cute like myself? Yeah, as a little spur of the moment "what I wore" segment, the outfit I did morning chores in AND wore to work is seen here. 

Dress: actually my friend Holly's and it is for sale in the building next door
Coat: Target, many years ago
Boots: Durango

I may be a little less driven to get outta bed on time(especially on Mondays), but I still love my vintage and thrifted attire... Even if my boss is a socially awkward dude that says things like my coat looks like his grandmother's couch, and expects me to take that as a compliment (totally actually happened)... I personally thought my getup was on point ;)
So..... lesson *not* learned/refreshed yesterday morning and this morning I got my ass outta bed at 6:20am. Christian and I got sucked into that R. Kelly Survivors show and I couldn't look away.... I went to bed much later than I normally do, and it is 7am  - I am about to check fence lines with Eddie, feed the farm crew, check waters, and shower and all the normal things before work. No three mile therapy session this am..... tomorrow is a new day, right? 



weekend pics & garden plans....

I am not a great gardener..... you'd think as long as I have been trying, and succeeded at growing some things, I'd be an amazing gardener. I am really great at germinating seeds, watching the green sprouts pop up, reaching for life. I fall short when the garden needs watering. Seems like such an easy task, but as you probably can easily see, I am not good at sitting or standing still for very long and watering a garden is pretty much standing still.... Nonetheless, I keep starting seeds, keep planting starts, and hope the rain will be sufficient for their watering needs. Last year this was the case and the garden was big and bountiful with the two things that were planted - kale and spinach.
I seem to be really great at growing tomatoes, peppers, and okra, so those will definitely be staples in the garden this year. Gonna also try some corn for the first year ever. Corn is supposed to be super easy - just drop the seeds in the ground, and come late summer, you can have your own delicious sweet corn. I am hoping to have a success story about corn this year.... I was shocked last year how surprisingly easy it was to grow spinach! How you just plop the seeds in, and all spring, it produced with little effort. You know the ol' timers say that Good Friday is when you put all your stuff in the ground.... Guess who is starting seeds this week? yes. This gal. 

This weekend was the perfect mix of ugly and magnificent weather. Wet and cold on Saturday and a surprisingly beautiful day yesterday. I took Eddie out on extra long farm walks both days because even on Saturday when it rained all day, it was more of a misting, so it felt almost mystical and fairytale-ish. 

Anyway, after some garden planning, and rescue work with my one of favorite project pups, Reece, I went out into the world yesterday... for brunch! Yes, this gal made plans off the farm because it was supposed to rain ALL DAY. Turns out, after this morning's gully washer, we had sunny skies the rest of the day. Since this surprise perfect day fell into my lap, I was happy to be out an about in the world with two of my gal besties, and then came home and played in the field with the horses for a bit....
why yes, we DO still have our tree up. Ha! It is real, it is STILL green, and it will finally be coming down this weekend ;)


yay! It is Friday!!!

As I type this Friday morning, and sip my coffee, 'thaw out', wake up, and get ready for my 3 mile walk in the fresh misty cool air, am grateful, yet I ponder some things..... Actually my post yesterday got my wheels turning about this farm, and what happens when the office is behind me for the weekend. When I pull in the driveway this evening, and every Friday evening, I don't think once at all about the office, my day job, or life outside of working with needy animals, enjoying a few meals with Christian, new projects for the property, and hammock naps, until Monday morning. 
I had always wanted a farm, before I even knew what the work entailed... I wanted a farm because I love animals. I had faith that one day I would be on my own farm, and I never lost that faith. I even told Christian I would live on a farm one day - that was almost 20 years ago. We bought this place almost 5 years ago. I even promised Baby that she would run free on a farm of our own one day. I didn't hope we'd have a farm, I manifested it to happen through faith...You see some people hope for things, some people dream things, and some people have the faith it will happen. There is a big difference between having hope and faith. It is one of many things that can cause conflict within ourselves and other people, a divide of people who have questions, and those who hold the answers..... However, hope can be turned into faith, and each weekend when I leave the desk job behind me for a few days, and I am carrying hay bales, feed buckets, and dragging hoses to water either gardens or animals, a transition takes place. The more I am physically involved in this little slice, more becomes possible. 

All things seem to fall into place when what seems like a problem arises... a fence needs to be repaired, or a deadline for planting has slightly been missed... All of a sudden my visions for what I want are clear, and I get my answers..... There is so much to come in the next year. Looking back, it has always been obstacles that actually propel me forward. A few years ago we had some issues with a neighbor creeping onto our property. It seemed like such a burden to have to get he land surveyed, put up some kind of defining property line - which is expensive, but that whole thing turned into an expansion of our land. We started clearing, we discovered areas we had never stepped foot on, and now we have a rolling park-like hillside on the back of the property along with what we call 'the pines', and a perfect dog-walking path that winds and weaves through the land....

There are unknown challenges ahead, things that we will continue to see initially as obstacles, but as the experiences of the past have taught me, obstacles just open up room for more opportunity. I feel like sometimes I ramble here - most often in the mornings with my coffee (if you could only imagine the things I work out in my head when I am walking in the dark crisp air while most are still dreaming), but hopefully you enjoy the read or you wouldn't be here....

Happy Friday, y'all. It looks like it will be another rain filled weekend in Winterville, GA, but I am determined to get some seeds in the ground, and get a little bit more accomplished in the workshop, so expect some pictures of progress either this weekend or Monday morning (I may unplug this weekend)...


my farm: pets or producers?

I have had quite a few visitors out to the farm lately because of the vintage clothes I am selling. Most are totally intrigued by the farm, many are curious about getting into a little farming themselves. Most cannot believe that I don't ride my horses, and that my goats are seniors... and that I have geriatric chickens that I am just patiently awaiting them to naturally croak so I can have a young new laying flock...
Ya know what? I don't actually have a farm at all - well, not in the sense that most people think of a farm. Was it my intent? YES. Can I cull animals when they are no longer profitable for me to keep? NO. I wanted a farm. I love animals.  I purposely took in neglected dairy goats to be able to have milk and cheese all at my fingertips while giving the goats a respectful life. Same with the chickens. I wanted fresh eggs, while allowing them to free range and live out their lives pecking and living carefree.... not to mention, I LOVE my chickens. They are so sweet and full of personality...

What happened? Well, about a month after Eli & Ellie were at the farm, Ellen was born. She was a total surprise. I did milk Ellie, and I also let Ellen nurse until she was waaaaay too big, and knew I couldn't give away or sell baby goats, unless of course they were going somewhere I highly approved, where they would live more like pets, than producers.... and then a few months later, Eli was fixed. That was 8 years ago.

I do still try really hard to source most of the animal products we use from well intended local farmers when I can. I buy my goat milk locally, as I know I will never be able to produce my own unless I have goats with precocious udder (which has happened several years in the past !!). My farm is more of a sanctuary. My chickens no longer lay, and they are all in the double digits - well, the three I have left anyway... The plan is to keep them happy, let them live out their lives, and when the last one crosses over the rainbow bridge from old age & natural causes, I will start over and get a new flock. So long story short, I have pets....and these pets produce eggs when they are young, and they are delicious!

There really is nothing like going out every evening and collecting eggs, and when you know they are coming from your happy chickens, they taste even better. Last year was the first year we actually ate pretty much daily from things that had been grown in the garden, and I am hoping this year I will have more tales of growing my own veggies....

...and I leave this post with a picture of Eli when he was less than a year old.... He is now 9 and I love this old senior butthead.


SPRING? Where are ya? Where have I been?

I blog waaaaaaay less when it is nasty out. Truth be told, I don't mind cold weather if it is consistent. Saturday was glorious, sunny, and 70 degrees out and then Sunday it was cold, rainy, and the opposite of glorious. Monday I was miserable again as the high for the day was 39, and by yesterday evening, I was back to being ok with the cold, wet, messy weather. Me and Eddie even bundled up and went on a nice little slow stroll around the entire property as my face turned red from the ice cold raindrops tapping on my cheeks. Then it was off to feed the crew. Lots of hay for everyone to ensure everyone stayed warm through another cold and wet night..... I am hoping that the last load of hay I got will be the last bit for the year.....

The rye is starting to come up in the horse field, and the little teases of bright green are making me excited for spring garden foods.... We already have been enjoying the volunteer winter crop of kale and lettuce that decided to come back all on its own, and this weekend I think I am going to plant more spinach.

The evenings are getting longer, and the mornings start earlier. I get excited about the day ahead, sipping my coffee and awaiting the daylight to slowly spread over the farm... I already missed my opportunity to cut back my blueberry bush I discovered last year, as it has already started to bloom - yikes! That could be great or really bad...

Anyway, I am warming my core with a nice hot hodge podge of leftovers..... tomato soup, brussel sprouts, black beans, and mashed potatoes! yummmm. Then off to bundle up, walk Eddie and feed the crew, and soak. Soaking is my favorite thing to do in winter. And always after everyone is fed.

I have been thinking a lot about this 'farm' and how it isn't actually a farm in the sense that most people think. More on that tomorrow - I have a blogging session planned for early morning while I am charging up before work with my hot cup of joe!

off to do my snow dance in between trudging through mudholes while feeding........




farewell, Coco!!!

Coco has an amazing opportunity to find her forever home up north after not having any luck in the 17 months she has been down in GA! She is being transferred to a rescue that can better accommodate her behavioral needs, special handling, and training. I will miss her dearly, but I couldn't be more happy about this! She deserves the best and has a foster home awaiting her arrival!!!! Yay, Coco!!!! Safe travels, sweet girl! I picked her up for one last outing yesterday evening and we had a BLAST saying our goodbyes. If you are in Connecticut and have interest in meeting Coco, let me know and I'll connect you with her new rescue!! <3 This post is chock full of my memories with her...... I must go now, as I have something in my eye....