buh-bye, August......

I have been loving this summer compared to the usual Georgia summers, (milder temps, lots of rain, we got our pool set up earlier) but I am reaaaaallly looking forward to fall weather. This cutting grass once a week is for the birds - especially when there are almost ten acres to maintain out here... it has been taking about 8-10 hours a week just to do the bare minimum (I didn't really think about that part when I was uncovering and clearing all this land) - and I have been slacking the last two weeks, so, I will have my work cut out for me this long three day weekend... Yowza!!
 Anyway, the summer brought us lots of learning the art of time management and maintenance, grilled corn on the cob, learning to weed a garden properly but failing (there is always next year!), practicing selflessness, upping my animal volunteer hours, grilling out every day and eating outside by the pool, perfecting saltwater pool maintenance, playing every other minute we were not doing farm chores, and being thankful that my sweet Eddie is still here and making this summer the best yet.... I honestly did not think he'd still be around, so he got switched from high quality dog food to home-cooked meals of chicken, rice & veggies, and eggs ... He's also been going on more car rides, going on more walks, and getting more cuddle time. He's an old boy, and whatever we can do to make his life the BEST EVERRRRR, we have been doing! Just this week we had a full blood panel, urinalysis, and ultrasound of his old body. The results of the blood and urine found that he has a bladder infection, but if that can be cleared up with a round of antibiotics, he will be good to go! He also said his organs look great with the exception of a little inflammation in the stomach lining. He said Eddie is in GREAT physical shape for a dog his age!
As most people close to me know, I am a list-maker & goal setter.... and you KNOW I am already planning out my fall! The official first day of fall is September 22, 2018.....

Here are a few of the things I am getting into, and a few other things I'd LIKE to get into:

~ a fall garden
~ keeping the pool going until it is too cold
~ a huge yard sale
~ a beach trip for Eddie
~ going for runs when the weather cools off
~ homemade potpourri <3
~ LOTS of hammock time
~ livingroom dance parties with Christian. We used to do these allllll the time!
~ finish painting the large outbuilding

and the most important goal for fall is to learn to live more and be in the moment. With the shorter days, that means the animals 'go to bed' earlier and I wil have a few more hours of 'veg time' each evening....

what are some of the things you look forward to every fall?

 Happy FRIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAY! I am off to the gym...




tailwagger tuesday: Reece

Reece is a great dog currently in rescue in Colbert, GA. 
He has a very high prey drive, but is treat motivated and we are working on redirecting his attention when out walking on the leash. 

He needs a strong and confident person to believe in him, but someone who is also going to be consistent in correcting him. 
When adopted, he comes with one free hour training session (by his current trainer) to ensure he is set up to receive the best care in the right home. 
Reece would be a great companion in the right *only pet* home. He has been accessed by Bone-A-Fide dog training (Athens, GA), and we have been working on his homework suggested by the trainer. 
Here, he is practicing indoor play - something that has been hard for him in the past due to his high energy & anxiety. 

He is doing wonderfully and is eager to learn and please his person. 
He will only be adopted out locally in Athens, GA, as the rescue wants to make sure that he is in a committed home for the rest of his life.

If you would like to help out with Reece's 'school', please consider making a contribution through PayPal below. Thank you and please share with anyone who might be interested in helping out this 'hard to home' pup!

If you have any questions or need additional information about Reece, please use the contact form on the left side of this page. 



Happy National Dog Day! I snapped this pic while we were walking the dirt road this morning.... Isn't Eddie just such a beautiful boy? He is having a hard time keeping weight on, so we are gonna have that checked out this week. He is still a very happy boy with a great appetite, so we want to make sure bloodworm doesn't reveal anything we should be tending to in his old age....
Directions and recipe:

Preheat oven to 350. Decide against baking and send Christian out for donuts instead. Easy Peasy.


saturday snapshots

 This morning I took little Coco girl to her very first adoption event. I have been reluctant to take her due to her high 'stranger danger' behavior and barking at new faces that approach her.  I did notice that it helped to have Big Man there coaching her on how to act in public... Big Man's advocate
To my surprise, after the first hour of setting up as far away from the entrance as possible, where she did her usually yelling at every passerby, we toughed it out, and by the last hour (we were there a total of 4 hours), we had moved to right by the front entrance. YES!!!! We were actually greeting each and every person coming and going from the store. If you are interested in learning more info on how to adopt Coco, please shoot me a message by using the form to the left on this page.
Needless to say, I am so proud of Coco, and am optimistic that she will find her home before the end of the year....
After the event, it was hang-time in the pasture with these beauties....

it was a good day, although I didn't take too many pics for this post. I'll be back tomorrow for the Sunday Sweet Stuff..... night!





Really happy about it being Friday - just like every weekend, rain or shine, I am READY. Lots of stuff going on this weekend -  some deep cleaning of the house, a little more purging of household things and clothing for a big Fall yard sale, some catchup time with a friend, an adoption event for the rescue, and maybe some soap-making....Yesterday was such a lonnnnnng day, and I am fortunate enough to end my days with beautiful sunsets in my field with my Rose....

happy weekend! I will be back tomorrow with Saturday snapshots and hopefully some good news about a few of the rescue doggies!!!




farm dreams & memory lane....

.... farm dreaming' ....
 Good morning! I am up early and downing my coffee before heading to the gym soon, but wanted to share a bit about my realization last night while doing farm chores. I noticed that Ellen, my little rebel goat, who was born on the farm to Eli & Ellie a month after they were rescued, wasn't as chunky as she used to be. She was allowed to nurse until she was pretty much the same size as her mom - yes! She was a stubborn little gal. Anyway, thinking about how she seemed to be a little less 'meaty' as she used to be, and going back and thinking about her little bout with pneumonia a few months ago, I started realizing that my 'babies' are all older. They aren't babies anymore! Eli & Ellie are close to being NINE YEARS OLD!! Misty & Ellen are almost eight!! Jeez. So all this has prompted me to recap my little dream of living on a farm as a kid, to acquiring a small farm all on my own, and keeping my eyes on the prize.... Let's take a trip down memory lane.... I found a bunch of old pictures from the very beginnings - actually all the pics in this post are from around 8 years ago!

(look at little Taylor!!!)
This blog keeps me happy, and gives me a platform to share my experiences about getting to where we are, in hopes that other folks might take the plunge on their dreams even if it doesn't seem ideal. I have been blogging about my dreams of homesteading, farming, rural living, off-grid living, and other forms of self sufficiency living for several years now... This life attracted me because my whole life, I have loved animals, and the fact that I never actually grew up on a farm, made the struggle of farm life seem romantic - yeah, weird, right? I mean, my earliest memories of wanting to live like this came when I used to watch the old black & white 'Lassie' show in the mornings before going to daycare. Timmy running or riding his bike along the dirt roads, getting home late for dinner where fresh eggs sat on the table in their old farmhouse.... I always wanted farm chores because I never really knew what farmwork was - ha! Wow. Fast forward to about ten years ago (2008). I saw the film Food Inc., and it forever changed the way I viewed food - before that, honestly my farm dreams revolved around just having lots of animals :) ..... later I started a blog called 'about an acre'..... because that is all I had access to - about an acre... on a friend's land.... 30 minutes from my rented home... that was to be an experiment in learning to actually grow food.
(Eli, 2011 - check out my farmer's tan!)
(the surprise baby Ellen 2011)
(the proud new parents of an unexpected baby Ellen!)
Yeah, I started out wide-eyed, bushy-tailed, and with high hopes of 'living off the land' - my own land, and it wasn't even really a thought as to how that would happen, I just knew I would find a way. My mama engrained that way of thinking into both my brother and myself. Until Christian & I bought this farm we now call home, I was taking baby steps farm-sitting where I would milk other people's goats, field trippin', where I was picking someone else's blueberries & peaches, tending to chickens on someone else's farm, and investing in other people's properties by being a renter.....

Fast forward to now. 2018. We live on a nine acre farm. A beautiful farm that we have worked tirelessly on....It was an overgrown mess when we moved in, but I had a vision... Although I have done most of the work, just because I am a control freak ;), and this was really all my venture, this place is what I envisioned as a child. Dirt road living, in an old farmhouse, with actual farm chores! We have newly discovered wild blueberries that are in the process of being 'trained', an old apple orchard, pastures for goats & horses, and a garden that I am good working in for cool weather crops, but I fall short on in the summer.....(dang this heat)!! If I could eat the spinach from the garden year round, I don't know that I would need much more personally besides potatoes... too bad the spinach bolts in May and can't come back until fall....

I am so happy I stuck with chasing this dream. Christian never had dreams of living on a farm, although now he appreciates the food when we grow it, walking the dog in the fields and trails that have been cut out over the years, and opening the windows in the spring & fall to let in the sweet country air. This was a dream I had to make into my reality all on my own. Not that he wasn't supportive, this just wasn't his thing. I trudged through the days, at one time driving 30 minutes to a farm each morning before work, and again each night after work, to learn and tend to livestock.

Neither of us grew up with money, trust funds, or that security cushion of knowing if times got tough, there was a parent that could bail us out of a pickle....so, buying a farm, was a little scary. We pay a mortgage obviously, and sometimes struggle to keep things the way we love it out here. We don't own a tractor, and for the first two years, paid someone to come and help us out with the stuff that required one... We have learned to maintain this life by being resourceful and grateful, and learning to live out here was both fun and terrifying. I rarely make the time to sit down and write longer blog entries anymore because I am usually out living this life, but this morning, I was feeling it. My life is sometimes hectic, but I honestly do get lost in the perfect sunsets, dirt road walks, and all the pretty things about this life. Last night was a reality check, and a nice little reminder of where all this started. Lassie & Timmy.... while little four-year-old Sandice sat in the floor in front of the tv watching Lassie in our little single-wide trailer, before preschool .....

There is still lots to do on this little slice, and some people think my life is chaotic, but I enjoy learning about all things. Of course there are things I don't like so much, but the reality of life, is amazement and heartache, winning and losing, and learning through trials and errors.. Each day excites me and I anticipate seeing what will come of it.... Every day is a blessing. I get to come home to my dream....

Happy Wednesday, folks! I am off to the gym to walk up 100 flights of stairs. Ugh. You gotta do you.<3




saturday snapshots

 ....third frog in three weeks I have had to help out... this one had found it's way into the water trough. I love how golden it is! The goats were quite curious about it...

this morning, Eddie had a payday with my mom's dog, Austin....
...of course Rose had to get in on the visit from mom..
....and Eli - the big ham...
the okra is still blooming, but we let it go weeks ago... too lazy to weed on these hot summer days...
I let Eli out to eat some of the crunchy fallen leaves...
He cannot STAND the lawnmower. He has challenged it many times...
the neighbors cows were giving me the eye as I mowed the fence line....
ahhhhh! Done before the rain rolled in....

 no time left for soaking today......
 I am ready for the grass to slow down a bit. Bring on the fall weather and fallen leaves!!