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thursday's mixtape

It is almost time to head to work, and I am starting a challenge for myself today.... a 30-day-no-excuses-challenge-unless-there-is-a-lightening-storm, gonna-get-my-ass-in-gear-challenge...I used to get up every morning earlier and be at the gym or a local bootcamp at this time every day. It was my hour for mental focus, physically challenging myself, and getting out of my head first thing. I haven't really been that motivated about working out since we bought the farm. There is no gym that is conveniently close, we live on a dark unlit dirt road that may or may not be well travelled by skunks, opossums, and lots of other critters that you might not want to run into while taking an early morning stroll...

Well, today, I am going to start a personal challenge. Gonna make my ass get out of the house first thing in the am, and get in 5,000 steps before I head off to work. That is how I want to start the day. That is my first step in the direction of doing something to promote my health at this time. I sit stationary at a desk clllllllll day. My body and mind need a change. Here's to day 1..... and I couldn't have had a better mix to start with.....
day 1 of 30 and I already beat my daily average... yay!



Tailwagger Tuesday! Meet Micah!

 Meet Micah! He is currently being housed at the Colbert Vet Rescue, in Colbert, GA. Micah has a reduced adoption fee for the right person or family! He has been at the rescue over a year now, is an old fella, and doesn't require (or want) a whole lot of lovey dovey attention... He would however, like a home outside of the rescue environment. If you have a fenced in yard, and would like to open your home and heart to this old boy, please shoot me a message by using the contact form at the left on this page. He is crate trained, UTD on vaccinations, microchipped, and neutered. His favorite person here at the rescue can tell you alllllll about him and could even introduce you to him and his old man quirks, as she regularly fosters him and takes him on fun adventures to Sandy Creek! 
As you can see, he doesn't have many teeth left, but that doesn't keep him from smiling and showing off the ones he does have! He doesn't really like to be leashed, but LOVES playing outside with his person, so the ideal home for him would be one either with a doggie door and fenced yard, or fenced yard so that he could be let out without having to be leashed. Beth, his foster-mom, has mastered the art of leashing and unleashing, and could probably show you her secrets also! 
 Please consider fostering, adopting, or even weekend fostering for this sweet boy who just wants to do his own things at his own pace without too much noise from all these yippy loudmouths at the rescue! 


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tailwagger tuesday! T- BEAR!!

If you are interested in adopting this beautiful teddybear of a dog, click HERE for more info!