saturday snapshots

Today after coffee and my morning stroll with Eddie, I baked a cake, went for a drive in the country, took photos of tiny dollhouses, helped out a friend with an animal check-in while she was at work, made a pot of chili, walked some pups at the rescue, and ended the night with an episode of Vice Principals and Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories with Christian. I am pooped! Here are a few snapshots from the day...

...a very used metal mixing bowl...
 covered bridge....
 cappuccino cup field trip... :)
 tiny dollhouse woodstove, watermelon, and cupboard....
 ....country scapes...
 this is Fife & Roo... They are Holly GoLightly's dogs. She needed a quick pop in at her place to make sure the horses were behaving. Everyone was on their best behavior.
 ,,,buttercream frosting....
 I only had two different sized cake pans, so it was a little wonky.
 ..chatting with Nigel at the rescue...
 ..hanging with my sweetpea Jewel at the rescue...
 I am beat. Off to dreamland....



want/ need/ hear/ read

 This week's want will definitely be on my Christmas list... I made a big deal on here about how Christian put an end to my Corelle dishes. Yup. Lead. Dannnng! Well, his buddy has started a small family business making custom tiles, but also filling in the space between tile orders with a line of handmade dinnerware using beautiful lead-free glazes (yess!). I borrowed a few pieces to test out, because I am pretty finicky about my coffee mugs. I like 'em pretty big. This orange one holds a pint, so I'm sold! Click any image below for more info on these perfect mugs (I never hold any of my mugs by the handle, so they really are perfect!!) by etcetera tile company....



....even the inside is a pretty  surprise when you get to the last sip! :)
I have the hardest time with this part of the segment.... Over the years, I have posted so many needs, that at some point or another, I have listed them all! This morning, I am going to post about how I need to get my thumb all healed, so that I can paint more desks, clear out the big workshop/ outbuilding, finish blocking in those last five doggie doors - there were 50 (!!!), and finish painting the outside.... I have big plans for this building - several different avenues of plans, actually. All of them will include the vibrantly colored exterior. In case you've missed the very slow progress on the building, let me entertain you with a few pics ;)

This song will never get old... my dad LOVED Nancy Sinatra, and after all I have been through over here on the farm, the craziness that has lingered for the last year in my neck of the woods, well, there is an end in sight. So, that is the reason for this week's 'hear'. Stay away from lightning's girl, y'all. There is a lesson here. ;)

I am thrilled to be a part of this first issue of Hill Lily 'zine! I love all that Daisy Greenberg does and knew this would not disappoint. Chock full of inspiration, poetry, along with a few recipes, and a tutorial, this is a must have for any gal looking for camaraderie in any homesteading/ urban gardening/ or backyard chicken adventures! You can get your very own copy HERE


tuesday morning coffee thoughts....

Last night while laying in bed and doing a little last minute web surfing on my phone, I googled images from Wizard of Oz. I picked the prettiest picture to focus on while I drifted off to sleep, and couldn't help but think about how trying to get ahead in life sometimes, brings about the ugly in the world. The mean monkeys, the witches, and the darkness. Somehow every step feels like it's uphill... Each one of us has to turn to friends, loved ones, and faith in the good - to help us find the courage, heart, and wits to help push us through it. Sometimes that means you have to be the one to give tough love and compassion, but sometimes it also means you receive it.

For me, I want to be able to commit more fully to my farm and when I can't for whatever reason, I tend to get a little down about it and even am a little hard on myself.... I am one of those people that lives by lists, plans, routines, etc....I wanted to badly to have my first ever Winter garden, then my thumb got bitten by a scared, and abused little dog at the rescue. As much as I had plans, I am reminded that everything has it's own time. 

There is no stasis in our days.....

I can see the reasons for my discomfort, and as much as I might not like it's damper on my plans, it opens my eyes wider to having compassion and respect for life in general. Hard times need to be leaned in to, not turned away from. That makes me more resilient for the upcoming storms, or disruptions in my life that I have no control over. This is precisely what builds character.....


saturday & sunday snipets

I love love LOVE our little setup out at the farm... I actually enjoy doing most of the chores, I finally got my little saltwater pool, and aside from having to rebuild the goat's hut, I look forward to the projects and potential this place holds.... I have been absent for the last week, and I had somewhat of a little accident with one of the pups at the rescue, which resulted in a nasty bite, BUT this evening, it is much better and has decided to stop throbbing. Yeah, it put a little damper on my gardening project, but that is life, right? How you deal when a wrench is thrown in the mix is pretty damn important too, right? Last weekend, we had a few little visitors, a guest in the loft, and some really great news that I can't share on here just yet.... In the meantime, here is a look back at the week in iPhone photos.....

My sweetest old man Eddie-bear. <3
Little yellow weed-flower.
It is almost pool time!
Goats on the run!
big snake skin found in one of the outbuildings. Natural rodent control. This pretty snake came from Neat Pieces. I drove out to pick it up so it/ she would stop scaring Peggy Sue :)
Rose & Hazel
...the neighbor's yard...
sunset: the lawn of the workshop
Neighbor's grandkids came by to see the animals...
Eli made a run for it.
pretty weeds.
pretty thorny.
Beatle goats.
home sweet home.
a little Gidget and a big Hazel.
Cedar sprig snacks.
Sweet Nasrin.... Little rescue sweetheart.
Treasure. Yup. That's her name.... and she is quite the treasure indeed.
Luna and Annie. Luna is a new resident at the rescue...
Nigel. Another pup that only a few can walk....
I decided against posting any pics of my finger. Gusto felt bad enough without it being posted all over social media. I am sure i grossed you out if I have your cell number. ;)

Happy Monday evening, y'all!