Pancha Drama!! Midweek Mixtape!

Good morning!! If you hadn't heard, last night I was missing Pancha, my sweet favorite chicken! But hours of searching with a flashlight, and I found her wandering around the back yard! Whew! Scary!! We have too many coyotes and foxes around for a chicken to have a good hance of surviving a night out around here....

We have almost made it halfway through the week though!! You know what that means.....


I am up super early and about to head out to the gym, but I felt the need to leave this here for now....

I just took Eddie out for a little walk and it feels AMAZING outside!! It got me a little excited about upcoming end of summer and Fall approaching. It has been one helluva hot summer. I am ready for cooler temps, pecan pie, and bonfires!



Ooooh! Finally a weekend catch-up post!!

This past Saturday I had my sister visiting, and while I was out (went to the gym super early), my friend Amanda informed me that there was a HUGE yard sale in Watkinsville at a farm....
I could not resist and headed that way!! I actually scored some really cool things and then on the way home, spotted a hot pink 'Estate Sale' sign! Needless to say, by the time I made it back home, I had a trunk full of goodies AND was able to drop $5 on a Baby Bjorn for my pal......and all without spending more than $30!!

I got several vintage dresses, a few cool vintage coats - one of them being a purple velvet beauty with a faux fur trim, I also got a set of Fire King cola mugs, some Pyrex dishes (WITH THE LIDS!!), and an old index card recipe booklet. Exciting, eh?

Saturday night, Taylor convinced me to go to Ovation Cinemas to see that new horror movie "Don't Breathe" and it was surprisingly pretty good! We went all the way and ordered dinner and popcorn from our seats!
Sunday, I played with the animals in the morning, then took Taylor back home and when I got back, we buckled down and did a ton of farm work and I mean a TON! I have had these weeds pop up in the pasture, and the horses won't eat 'em,  so we just decided to do a complete overhaul of the fields. Pulled up everything and took it down to the dirt, and spread out all of the horse manure. The grass has already gone to seed, so hopefully it will be green and pretty again after a few more showers and some cooler temps!
 In the meantime, they can enjoy being next to the goats on the other side of the property....

 Well, that's all for now! I'll be back tomorrow for another midweek mixtape! 




saturday snapshots.

saturday with the seeeester. 

yard sales.
messy house.
yard work.
gourmet cupcakes.

 ...i found my new favorite cheese.....
 we tried out some gourmet cupcakes that were deeeeelish after we had dinner and a movie.

....in all we had a pretty productive AND FUN day! We got almost all of the farm stuff done (mowing, horse poo, picking up limbs), going through yard sale stuff, Taylor enjoyed picking apples off the tree and eating them,  a scary movie, a dessert stop, and then home to do evening farm chores. It was a good Saturday! 




frugal fashionable friday!

It is late and I am hanging with my sister, but I do want to share what I wore today as well as show off my new Swedish Hasbeens I got for my birthday, because of that, this one is short but sweet. It was a beautiful day with a surprise rain shower and gorgeous sunset for my drive back fro the ATL...

Colorful, bright, and fun - this is what I wore today: 

dress: thrifted, $4
sweater: thrifted, $3
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, bday gift!!


want/ need/ hear/ read

I want an outdoor bathtub to soak! I WILL have one....one day....I think this winter I will work on a clearing and a platform so that when the time comes for the actual tub, I will be ready! OR if someone wants to donate to my outdoor spa, I am ready to accept a large clawfoot tub and the labor involved in making this scene below, my reality!
I just stumbled across THIS blog and in particular, THIS RECIPE for these outright mouthwatering photos of these mashed potatoes....I so need these! I have been on a comfort (but somewhat healthy) food kick as of late, and I think these are gonna make an appearance on the menu one evening this week! ;)

I got this book for Christian for Christmas a few years ago, but I never really got around to reading/ looking at it.... I did flip through it when it first came in the mail, and think I may just get lost in it this weekend!!


Midweek Mixtape! Love.

I asked for a mix last night from my redhead. I woke up this morning with twenty songs on a USB flash drive with my name on it. This week's midweek mixtape is from my best friend - my partner in this crazy world. My Christian. His mixes are always perfect.

I started listening to it while boiling the water for my coffee, and now its almost an hour later.... the world is still asleep, the animals are still dreaming, and the moon is still hanging in the dark twinkling sky.


Love love love these kinds of mornings. Now, off to the gym with some new music. Happy Wednesday y'all! <3





Tuesdays are $2.99 Tuesdays at Fresh Market, which means chicken breasts and ground chuck are $2.99/lb.....and that always means that we eat pretty decent meals on Tuesdays! I also got some brussel sprouts ($2.49), russet potatoes ($2.59), and baby carrots ($1.99).... so, for just over $10, I made this deliciousness.....I cut up the potatoes and put them in a pot to boil, put my brussel sprouts, chicken, and carrots in the oven at 400 degrees, and went out to play with the animals for half an hour.....

When I came back inside, it was pretty much done! I whipped the potatoes and Christian got home just as I was taking the rest out of the oven, and this did not last long! I was able to set aside some for leftovers tomorrow though! Yummmmmm!!!

 It was sooooo good and now, it is getting late, so I am off to dreamland so that I can make it to the gym super early!


Hello, Monday! New Worn Post!

I made the Monday blues a little better by wearing this amazing new bright green dress I scored over the weekend at a yard sale! It almost even has a cheerleader uniform look to it, don't ya think? Anyway, I paired it with my favorite black and white striped cardigan and a thrifted black hat, then threw on my trusty ol' boots.

dress: yard sale, $2
hat: thrifted: $3