Monday Marvels....

Happy Leap Day! Wow! So spectacular to have an extra day this year to........WORK! Ha! Oh, well, tomorrow is March 1 and the weather already feels like Spring.

These are neat pictures from Instagram that I have stumbled across in the last week while doing my morning "coffee and get inspired" routine before stumbling out the door to the gym. Click on each photo for credits and IG account from which I found each pic.

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I ended the day with a successful lunging session with Rose! 

Now off to listen to loud music and get crafty in my sewing loft..... 

....til next time....




Sunday "Worn" & Fun Day Date!!!

Today was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I woke up early as usual and hung with Eddie and sipped my coffee while catching up on some internet reading....

We had planned on going on a cheap date - what I had mentioned yesterday on the blog, but it was too good to be true! Instead we went to see Zoolander 2 and then went for some deeeeeelish pizza afterwards. 
 Ohhhhhhh yeah! Snacks all the way!
I snapped some pics of my new dress that I picked up yesterday while I was out on the hunt for all pretty things vintage and then we were off on our date.....Rose was a sight as she was prancing around in the sunshine.... 

I am struggling hard with what I want to do with my hair.... Part of me wants to dye it, part of me wants to cut it all off, I am torn! If I dye it, should  go red or dark brown? If I cut it, I am thinking it will be just below my shoulders.... I am gonna try and sleep on it for about a week and see what I feel like then....

So this super cute edition of 'worn' consisted of a vintage colorful chevron dress, a baby blue corduroy jacket, and my favorite shoes from Free People...

Here are a few snapshots from my phone from the day:

 I got caught up in a new app on my phone while waiting for our pizza..... ha!

Ahhhhhhhh beer and pizza! Perfect indulgence.
 I really loved this look! I snapped a pic in the bathroom of the theater because I wanted to make sure it was indeed as pretty as the perfectly lit photos from earlier in the day.... and it was!
 ...back home and all snuggles from Eddie. He is just the best.
 I am so glad these two love each other so much! I guess it makes me feel better about leaving him for 4-5 hour blocks, knowing that he has a buddy to keep him company.
I hope you all had a good weekend! I am off the computer to go watch the Oscar Red Carpet pre-show. I am always curious what folks are wearing.... 
Here's one more of me and my guy. He does not do any social media, but he DOES exist! I love Christian, so why not make his head a big ol' heart! <3 

Night, y'all! 


Saturday Snapshots

 I got up early, made coffee and breakfast (fakin' bacon, egg, and cheese sammiches) for us before Christian had to go off to work, and then I headed off to have some thrift and junking adventures....

 ...but on my way out the door, I grabbed some love from Misty....

 Who remembers 'the Fall Guy"? Ha! Just one of my many boyfriends as a little girl.....

 This liniment bottle read: "Kilmer's Swamp Root, Kidney, Liver, & Bladder Remedy, Binghamton, NY, USA"
 ....then there were these strange knickers..... heavy duty leather. My friend Holly suggested maybe they are welders pants or maybe tree surgeons pants? Anyone have any thoughts on these?
 On my way home, I decided to stop by and see Hazel! The beautiful hornless unicorn that I will be fostering in the future sometime. I am head over heels in love with that majestic girl and can't wait to spoil her and dote on her and let her be Rose's pasturemate....
 Of course I had to visit with the dogs at Holly's before heading back home to wash my clothing finds! I will share them with you soon, but I did get some very fun stuff!

Here's a smooch from Roo....
 Poppy looking like her usual regal self.....
 ....and Fife begging for attention.
 My Saturday was pretty awesome! Lots of vintage stuff, lots of thrifted stuff, some gas station snacks, and plenty of sunshine! Now I am off to finish my laundry! Happy weekend! What are your plans for tomorrow? We have a new cheap date tradition that Christian though of, that hopefully turns out to actually be as cheap as he says, and if so, will be a regular Sunday treat for us! I don't want to give too much info away until I see if it is really as good as it seems....Other than the mystery date thingy that I don't wanna tell you about just yet, I plan on being outside playing in the dirt, or re-doing a fence, working a little with Rose, sunning with the goats, or reorganizing my inventory for my etsy store. I have so much stuff, and terribly need to start moving some things out..... I may consider having a blowout sale soon....

xoxo - 


Beautiful Death Valley Blooms & Weekly Roundup of #100HappyDays

I am sooooo glad it is Friday! The weather is supposed to be sunny and mild - perfect for starting a few outdoor projects....

I am patiently awaiting the tiny seedlings to emerge from the peat moss, and in the meantime, I am staggering starting other seeds. Just a thought, but when we plant seeds, we aren't growing plants, but rather giving these little seeds what they need to have a good shot at becoming something great, and then hoping we are giving them enough of what they need, so that they can grow by themselves. Did any of you see the super bloom in Death Valley? It's quite amazing to think about all the seeds lying dormant in this place of dunes, rocks, and well, non-existent life, and with the amount of rainfall the desert got this year, it was enough to germinate the seeds, and give them just enough of what they needed to bloom! So cool - here's a video from the park service about the desert blooms:

 and now for the weekly roundup of #100HappyDays.....
Just a recap of what this is about.... Back in 2014 there was an internet based challenge about how easily you could change your perspective or others just by taking a moment to appreciate one thing every day (for 100 days) that makes you happy. I usually take at least a few pictures and post them on IG, but the fact that I had to acknowledge that one thing every day made me happy, actually forced me to be thankful about that one little thing - just giving it that extra thought about it bringing me happiness, changed everything. I decided to do it again this year, because - WHY NOT? I am already posting tons of photos, so might as well give some props to what makes me smile! Here's what has made me happy in the last week since the last roundup:

day 17:
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day 18:
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day 19:
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day 20:
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I hope everyone has a great weekend, I am off to the gym on this early Friday morning, and will be busy as a bee, starting more seeds,  hopefully starting my next fence project, a little thrifting, some hay hauling, and some work with Rose! Happy Friday!!


tidbits and details

This is my one hour break for lunch summed up in a post. It's hard to leave and go back to work sometimes, I must admit.....My little menagerie has quite a magnetic pull.

winding road
old farmhouse
majestic goats
fluffy butt chickens
a beautiful horse galloping in the field
Christmas decorations still hung on the porch
a white-faced golden retreiver greeting me at the door
a spazzy kitty pretending like I am going to attack her
a ten minute walk down the winding dirt road with Eddie (the golden)
three eggs in the chicken coop
egg and cheese sandwich for lunch with freshly collected egg
a few pics of the animals
winding dirt road
trees swaying in the wind


Wednesday's 'worn'....

First time I have had the time to do this segment at all this year!!! I bought this terry cloth/ polyester blend dress yesterday from Project Safe Thrift for $3 and the socks, shoes, and hat are all oldies from my closet. The rain finally stopped and the wind started blowing fiercely drying out the muddy paddocks.... Happy Wednesday!! We made it to the halfway mark!! 

fog, mushrooms, and an old tree's fate.......

So my day started off good, but by the evening, I had some news that I wasn't thrilled about.....

The day started off with this old commercial in my head. I always loved these:

The morning was rainy, gloomy looking, and super foggy. I don't really look forward to these mornings because it is a pain to do the animal chores (when there is enough light outside to do them AND when all chances of a skunk encounter are gone), get dirty, then have to clean up in a hurry to make it to work in time.....BUT this morning all the baby calves were out in the neighboring pasture, so it boosted my mood a bit and helped me to pay attention to the pretty things......

...like the shiny drops of rain clinging to the cedar trees, 

..the HUGE mushrooms on the gigantic tree that shades the house in the summer keeping us cooler - I put one of my retired boots on the tree to give a good reference of the size of these things and shared the picture on Facebook.....
When I was home for lunch, I checked on Misty's nose. It looked awful the last few weeks, like it was shedding a layer. A friend gave me some homemade salve to apply to it, and look! Its all better now! Thanks, Suzie!! Suzie is my go to gal for rehabbing any wildlife that cannot or will not make it on the farm, such as the many baby opossums I found last year with no mama. There is a link in the lefthand column of this page to donate to her efforts. If you are an animal lover, and support wildlife, please consider making a donation!
Throughout the day, I had several comments on the mushroom picture...... a few that sparked my attention and got me doing a little research. Turns out, My favorite tree was sick and it was too late to try to fix it. Mushrooms at the base of a tree, mean it has succumbed to a fungal infection, and at this point it has infected the root system. Booooooo!
I had a specialist come out and take a look at it for me, pointed out a few things that meant it wasn't an absolute emergency, and I shouldn't be too paranoid about it falling over on to the house at this point, but that it could very well drop some big limbs onto the roof. We set an appointment for sometime in March when the rain has held off for a few days. Because of it's location and proximity to the house and the barn, it will be a tricky removal (and SUPER DUPER expensive!!!). The good news is, thanks to social media, I was able to learn that this tree was unhealthy and would fall on the house at some point if not removed! Just another instance where Facebook has been a help to me!

After the devastating tree news, I came inside for some seed germination therapy.....
Christian was working late, so Eddie and I curled up on the bed and had some chew toy time (for Eddie of course).....
....and I did a little reading while watching Spirulina spazz about the house.
.....night night! xoxoxox!