Monday's Sweet Stuff Sunday Post On Tuesday ;) With a Side Of Horseplay....

Oh my! I just realized it has been THREE MONTHS since I did a 'Sunday Sweet Stuff post! Since I just realized this yesterday evening, I decided to remedy that with a batch of snickerdoodles!
I did a few when I was able to move back home, but then I guess with the new horse handling training stuff, saying 'yes' to more things like potluck dinners, spontaneous friend outings and, getting my Etsy store back up and running, I totally kindof forgot about making the Sunday sweets! I haven't forgotten to eat my fair share of sweets, just haven't thought of making them! Ohhhhhh yeah, Christian brings me home at least one decadent goodie a week from the diner! 

The dough for the snickerdoodles has to be refrigerated for an hour, so while the dough was in the fridge, I decided to go outside and play with Rose and we were getting a little break from the rain, so it was perfect! She was in a very playful mood! With all the rain, I haven't gotten to work with her like she got used to during the very dry months of August and September. She basically let me know that she misses all those fun play dates and I will have to just get a new rain coat and suck it up after this super amazing greeting.... 
The pictures were really bad quality as it was around dusk and all I had on me was my iPhone AND I had no idea I would be greeted like this, so I decided to switch over to video and this is what I got:
Alllllright, now back to the sweets....
The holidays are right around the corner, and I will be posting more sweet stuff posts, just because I REALLY get into baking when the weather turns cool and the oven can be on without getting the house too hot. Thanksgiving is just one month away, and Christmas is only two months away - that being said, this is one of my favorite wintertime cookies.... the snickerdoodle.

What you need:

1/2 C butter, melted
1/3 C brown sugar
1/2 C sugar
1 egg
1 1/2 C Cup 4 Cup GF Flour
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp cream of tarter

For the dusting/ dipping of the balls:
1/4 C sugar
1 Tb cinnamon

 In a large bowl, pour melted butter, brown sugar, and white sugar and mix at low speed until completely combined....
 Scrape sides of bowl and add egg and vanilla and mix for about a minute on low...
 ...then add the flour, cream of tarter, and baking soda and continue mixing....
 ...scrape sides of bowl and dump onto wax paper and put in fridge for about an hour....
 After an hour, take the dough out,
 slice it into workable pieces,
 and form into small balls - 1 1/2 inch balls will do!
 ...dip in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon, and put on cookie sheet sugar side up... I use a sheet of parchment paper to keep the clean up easy, and I do a little thumb press on each ball just to keep them from rolling around on the cookie sheet.
 Bake in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes....


Monday Morning Mixtape!

Ohhhhhhh....... Is it Monday ALREADY? It's raining and cool here in Winterville, GA and this set seemed to be a good early morning listen for a dreary start to the week... Happy Monday!


new etsy listings!

I just put a ton of new stuff in the Etsy store this weekend! For info on any of these items, just click on the pic! I have been reluctant to get rid of most of the things that I have bought specifically for the store, because I think everything is too cool to let go of, but the reality is,  the store is supposed to be supplemental income for the farm.... With Winter steadily approaching, and shelters needing to be finished, upgraded, or built, I need to stick to the original plan and accept that I did NOT scout out these dresses and coats for myself..... So, my travels and love of vintage clothing brings you this loudly patterned and very colorful collection...I am running a special now through November 7 to get 20% off anything in the store by using this code at checkout: FALL2015

Happy shopping and remember if you see something you like on this page, click on the pic and you will be taken to Etsy shop to get more info!










Yardsale Jackpot!!!

 Yes, people.... I actually hit the yard sale jackpot yesterday..... I happened to be driving home on my lunch break from work, and what did I see? A sign that read 'Yard Sale 8-1pm'. You know what time it was? 12:58pm. I parked, ran inside and asked if I could just look around for a few minutes before they closed up for the day and luckily for me, they had decided to keep at it until 4pm!

Well, I have been needing some new casserole dishes ESPECIALLY with Thanksgiving coming up, and I was able to find THREE! They had a room (it was in indoor yard sale for the American Legion) that said "Everything in this room, $1", and this is where every single item here came from! Some things were even less than $1!!!! All in all, I paid less than $20 for everything you see here! Boom! How's that for a fantastic lunch hour!?!?!?

 You may be wondering why is this basket special.... well, I will have you know that my little flock of seven geriatric hens doesn't lay very many eggs these days, so this little basket is the perfect size for gathering their eggs!


Brrrrrr! Cooler Weather Means Camping For Some...Check Out These Cool Gadgets!

I have been missing grilling out and cooking outside since we moved, but we haven't gotten a grill yet at the farmhouse. I decided I was going to start looking up some different ways to cook outdoors - without a grill, maybe just do some campfire cooking, and came across several things that I thought were pretty dang cool in the camping world.
I myself am NOT a camper by any means - I find nothing fun about sticky, sweaty, bug-repellant topped skin in Summer OR loud flesh-eating animals that are just waiting for me to go to sleep in the freezing cold Winter, and I really enjoy my shower and sleeping my own comfy bed (I would never make it in the bush!), but anyway, I was looking for campfire grills and I fell into the cool new gadget world of camp-stuff... Who knows, maybe if they keep inventing cool stuff like this, I may be a born again camper  ;)

Click on any of the images below for more information on the product as well as where to purchase them..

For safe smell-free food storage......

Park & hang ANYWHERE with this gadget.... I just purchased my Nissan XTerra this year, and this is something I would LOVE to have just for even day trips to the mountains!!
I was unaware that you can keep the mosquitoes away AND purify the atmosphere you are in with this....
This can come in handy for hiking in unfamiliar territory, and someone as bad at directions as me, this would be a 'must have'...... and it is biodegradable as well! 
Cool campfire panini press! 



Jacket: thrifted in Florida, $4
Dress: thrifted by a friend in GA, $.75 (it was part of a two piece that was $1.50)
Shoes: Freepeople, no longer available
Tights: Target, $5


GF Greasy Spoon Eatin' On the Cheap...

This is kinda funny because I haven't really had time to get groceries in a few weeks... I have run to Fresh Market a few times this week when it was an emergency - coffee for instance, is an essential that I cannot go one single morning without. Tuesdays are $2.99 day for beef and chicken at FM, so I always go on Tuesdays to take advantage of this deal (I actually need to stock up next week because around this time last year, they stopped having this weekly special around the holidays).

I was in the mood for some greasy 'fast food' last night, but this year has been a real time of reevaluation of spending due to taking on extra animals at the farm and having to get some new wheels, so I decided to work with what I had at home to create something that would satisfy my unhealthy desire for a diner burger...

I poked through the cabinets, fridge, and freezer trying to get ideas.... Low and behold, there was a bag of Arby's curly fries in the freezer that I got from my dad's house when I was cleaning out his place (and yes, I brought home everything he had in the freezer and fridge and have been eating it)! He was always an Arby's man - Even his name was Richard Barton Thrasher, and when you break that down, he was R. B. Thrasher - Ha! R. B. = Arby... Boom! Anyways, back to the fries....I arranged them on a baking sheet and popped those bad boys in the oven. I had no buns, but DID have a loaf of GF bread in the freezer, a package of american cheese,  bottles of mustard, mayo, ketchup, and of course the $2.99 pound of ground chuck. 

The rest is history......

Ha! I even made the patties square shaped to fit on the bread better! 

Each complete meal cost me around $2 each - that's a burger w/ cheese, mayo, mustard, ketchup AND fries. Whoop! I am guessing that the bag of fries was around $3, so IF I had bought the fries, it would have been around $2.75 - Of course had I used a regular bun instead of gluten free bread, that would have driven the cost down even more, but I used what I had! Get creative and recreate these kinds of meals at home! Totally worth the effort and I know my meat was better quality than what I would get at a fast food chain! 


want/ need/ hear/ see

I think this ring is really pretty.... click any image below to be taken directly to the site for purchase...

I need an elf that is a brick mason. Kind of like the ones in that story "The Elves & the Shoemaker", but only with masonry skills instead of cobbler elves..... I have an idea for that odd structure on my property and it has around 100 little doors that are three blocks high that need to be filled in! Any elves reading this post? If so, I would like to just wake up one day and be surprised like the shoemaker in this book:


Season two of Fargo on FX. The first episode of season two aired this week and I am already hooked!!! Eeeeeeeek! Sooooooo good!! Great cast so far! I have attached the trailer for the new season below the promo shots from the show - check it out out if you haven't already....

Check out the trailer !!!!!