After the Rain....

I absolutely love storms and today we had an awesome windy, loud, and fierce one. Then after about an hour, the temperature dropped about ten degrees and the sun came back out just in time to start setting.... It felt so good outside and all of the animals seemed to be refreshed.... Eli wanted to be the ham of the day, so I allowed it. He was shining bright in the evening, post storm sun....
 The raindrops looked like diamonds on the cedar tree....

 The trumpet flowers looked like mouths........
 Rose and Eddie seemed to enjoy the quick drop in temperature....


Weekly Roundup of #100happydays & Some George Harrison! It's FRIDAY!!

Day 5:
I am sooooo happy to be back home where I can actually soak in a tub.... I loved being in my dad's home, but unfortunately he only had a shower stall, and every girl needs a tub, so I have been indulging in Epsom baths pretty much every single day!!

Day 6:
This was one of the happiest days I have had all year. My dad's babies were loaded up, and delivered to my lil farm. Pure joy from this gal....and just in time for Father's Day!!!

Day 7:
....just feeling the love from Eli & Ellie while observing how Eddie and Rose are adjusting at the new place... 
...and Rose and Eddie are doing well. They have settled right in and have made themselves at home! Eddie proved to me that he still has the drive to be a retriever when it comes to birds  - and that includes MY CHICKENS, but his little senior clumsy run gave the chickens a chance to run and know to keep their distance...lol!
Day 8:
Eddie had a vet checkup and he is in pretty good health! A slight issue with heartworms, but he is on meds and should be rid of them soon! Not anything to worry about!

Day 9:
Just enjoying this new ride! My car finally gave out after all the driving I was doing since my dad passed away.... While I was haggling everything from the price, to the trade-in value, to the APR, I could feel my daddy right there with me saying, "That's how the Thrashers do it!" Yeah! I love this thing!! Adventureland, here we come!!!

Day 10:
Yep. Another bath...ha! Only this time aside from the usual Epsom salts, I also spritzed myself with magnesium oil......total relaxation.....ahhhhhhhhh....

Day 11:
Feeling the love and my daddy's approval that they are happy here! 



Anyone that knows me, knows that color is my thannnng! Don't give me greys, black, white, brown - UNLESS it can be complimented with at least a pop of color!! Well, as I was trying to find things that I felt good in (because this extra 15 pounds ain't really budged), I came across this ol' thing! Found a sash from a purple trench coat, and threw on some turquoise tights! Viola! Oh, and the boots went well with it too, dontcha think?

dress: Vintage, thrifted
sash: borrowed from a purple trench
tights: Target
boots: gifted from stepdad


Life, Fathers's Day, Farm Pics.........

I haven't talked too much about my situation over the last several months, only because it felt so out of control at times and I really didn't know what to say. To start from the beginning and give you the shorter version (which is still pretty long), my dad was killed in an auto accident on January 27, 2015. My dad had full custody of my teenage sister at the time and due to some unresolved family matters, I stepped up to raise my sister for the next four months while she finished up her school year. This meant living at my dad's home which was two hours away from my own. This meant commuting two hours each way to work and back to my dad's. This meant in the course of those four months, I put 18,000 miles on my trusty Nissan Altima. Once a week (usually every single Tuesday), I would drive seven hours a day just to make sure she had everything she needed, made it to school, and any after school engagements. This made my car act up and have to be put in the shop several times during those four months which made me even more frustrated. This meant I hardly ever saw Christian and Baby and during this time, Baby also passed away from a battle with a brain tumor. My life felt like it was falling apart more and more each day. So many times I wanted to give up, throw in the towel, and just walk away. Sacrificing all things important to me for the sake of doing what I felt my dad would have wanted me to do, didn't get me any thanks from my sister - not even once. I guess when you are a teenager, you are too self absorbed to even grasp the reality of how selfless others can be in order to try to make your life the best that it can be. A side effect of all that driving, total life shift, and the reality of not being able to really grieve my dad's death due to the 'survival mode' I was forced to shift into, I never found time to exercise (which is a HUGE dose of balance for me), I ate horrible, and I was forced to neglect my animals (my daily dose of therapy), and luckily Christian was the biggest rock for me during this time and cared for all my farm critters until I returned. My brother and I kept my dad's house long enough to let our sister finish school, and almost a month ago, I had to step down and let someone else take over the 'guardian' role. I was completely exhausted and running on empty. I set up a court date to relinquish my role as guardian and it then transferred to another one of her sisters. To be honest, this was a huge relief. I had endured four months of teenage angst and for someone who had completely walked away from her own life to raise another, I needed to get home. I reached the ultimate peaceful place this past weekend when for the very first time since my dad's death, I felt really great - really strong and it was all due to being able to close a chapter in my life and start a new one. My dad had a horse, an old golden retriever, and an elderly cat. I was able to rehome the cat, and move the horse and dog to my farm this past weekend - just in time for Father's Day!! In the three weeks since I have been back home, I was finally able to start the grieving process, working through my resentments surrounding the last four months I was away. I was upset that I didn't get to spend Baby's last two months she was alive with her. I was upset that my animals felt I had abandoned them. I was upset more than anything though, that my sister never understood everything I did for her. I have slowly turned my resentments into lessons in life. I have realized that you cannot make someone see something that they are not ready for, and I know that no matter what feelings I may have had about the situation when I was living it, I can and have moved forward with the utmost confidence that I did all I could. I gave it my all. 100% and my daddy is so proud of me. So, I am back home, with my dad's babies, my farm critters are so happy I am home, and a week after I got home, my car finally died. I walked right into the car dealership and felt my daddy by my side during the whole fiasco. I haggled the price, my trade in, and the interest rate. When all was said and done, I drove off that car lot in a new, fun, sporty toy that my dad would have agreed on 100%. I realize that I needed to go through all those things that made me frustrated and temporarily jaded in order to gain a newfound respect for the life I came back to. I came out of all of that just fine and gained a new perspective. I have a more positive attitude in life and take the time to admire and appreciate the little things that maybe I didn't notice as much before. Life is good, I am still standing, and I realized that I was so much stronger than I had ever imagined, thanks to the huge amount of support from my mom and brother, as well as my friends. With that being said, it is time for new beginnings, and I can't recall ever feeling so excited about what is to come from this life!! I want to share some photos of just me and my dad and some of our recent memories.....

This one is from when I was 12. Dad was such a joker and was having the best time getting ready for my very first date ever to show up to the house. Sawed off shotgun, and huge grin, daddy welcomed the scrawny 13 yr old Josef Dukes....
This was from 2013 when daddy and I were in Vegas with lots of family for the 'Thrasher Brothers' getting into the "Aerial Circus Hall of Fame". Cool experience and me and dad got a lot of fun one on one time together walking, exploring, and eating in Sin City. 
Last year, Father's Day 2014. At one of my brother's shows. Daddy drove the tour bus for my brother, mom and stepdad sold merchandise, and I was the photographer. So much fun working with my whole family!! Even though mom and dad divorced years ago, they became really great friends and remained that way until the end! What a perfect example of love!!
This was from when we ate at Gorgon Ramsay's BurGR joint! Yes, they were good, but they couldn't touch a 'daddy burger'!! 
I couldn't stop looking at the last communications with my dad after he passed on January 27, and even sent out a desperate last text, hoping it was all a bad nightmare.... I have gained a lot of comfort in knowing he didn't suffer, and was at the top of his game when he went. I will always miss him, but am so fortunate to never have had to see him suffer. 
This is from last Saturday ..... One last moment at my dad's..... Thanks for this beautiful picture, Jeannie!!!! It really captured the moment.
Then she was loaded up, and on her way to her new home!! 
Eddie got all ready for transport....
.....and then we were off! 
Unloaded at the new home and being walked into the new field! Eeeeeek! I was balling!!! 
First encounter with the goats...
Eddie loves it! He gives it four paws up!
...me and Rose.... what a magical weekend! Happy Father's Day to the best dad everrrrrr!
Now since things are getting back to some normalcy at the farm, I decided to let the goats have their photoshoot days back as well..... Here's Ellie in all her sunkissed glory....
Rose's hooves and some wild flowers in the field...
The goats getting used to a new outside dog in the field.....

Hope you enjoyed this long post! It's not that often that I have the chance to write this much! 


Frugal Fashionable Friday, A 'Hear', AND the #100happydays Weekly Roundup!

As you all know, I have been working on picking up the pieces to my life after the passing of my dad and my beloved furchild, Baby. I also spent four months at my dad's place taking care of my teenage sister and getting her through school this year while living AND commuting two hours away, and now that she is with one of her other sisters,  I am really soaking up everything good in life and enjoying every minute, because I learned firsthand how drastically things can change in one second. I decided now was the best time ever to retake the #100happydays challenge, and have been really feeling the love from the universe once again since I started! How does all this lead up to this post? Well, this beautiful dress was gifted to me by a fellow thifting fashionista who happens to be a customer where I work and she sent this dress to me by way of one of my service guys. I actually got this on 'day two' of the challenge and could hardly wait to show it off!!!! Here it is as well as my weekly roundup of #100happydays - oh, also I never got around to my 'want/ need/ hear/ see' post yesterday, but Christian had a song already lined up for it.... so here is my 'hear' for this week!

I was totally surprised by this dress!! I have not had the time to go on a good 'yard saling' spree in quite some time - probably not this year so far at all, and so this was such an awesome gift!!!!

Dress: Vintage, thrifted, then gifted
Shoes: Free People, $89

Weekly Roundup of 100 Happy Days challenge!!

Day 1:
While at my dad's old place, finishing up the cleaning, I took a little break to get some Rose attention. It won't be much longer and she will be with me, Christian, and all of our furkids: Spirulina the cat, Eli, Ellie, Ellen, Misty, and Millie the goats, Pancha, Cuckoo, Leghorn, and the other chickens that are too fast to name - oh, and Eddie her field companion will be joining her as well, so they will both have each other while getting used to their new place! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
 Day 2:
....just enjoying my after work 'therapy' with my goat babies!
 Day 3:
Ohhhhhh, just wearin' my awesome new vintage dress that someone awesome decided to give to me! This was one fabulous day indeed!!! I got a little .....uh.... soft the last four months I was doing all that driving, and I haven't quite been able to jump back on board the train as far as working out goes, so what I feel comfortable in clothing-wise is not much of my wardrobe at the moment. This thing was fabulously long, had the perfect seams for flattery, and made me feel oh, so pretty!!
Day 4: (part one)
This big and intimidating girl and myself have really gotten to know each other since my dad passed. Last summer, when I was settling into this house and farm, my dad asked me if I would be interested in taking Rose. He was driving the tourbus for my brother's band, and just felt like she wasn't getting all the attention she needed. I quickly said 'No' at the time, just because I didn't want the new responsibility and because I was not a horse person at all - to be honest, I was terrified of Rose..... Circumstances changed, and look at me now.... I love this girl so much and I am glad I can show my daddy how far we have come....  I continue to try to make him proud every day still and this would put the biggest smile on his face knowing that I have overcome my fears and stepped up to do what was needed to ensure his babies were taken care of....

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Day 4: (part two)
Eddie, my dad's senior Golden Retriever, is the biggest little old sweetheart....  I can't wait to be able to have him at my home and give him the attention he so deserves.... Eddie was getting a much needed 'cool off' bath on what was one of the hottest days of the year so far!! Rose and Eddie both lost their best friend when my daddy died, and for the last three weeks, I haven't been able to see them and love them as much as I want to, because of the two hour distance between houses.... that will all change very soon when they are with me full-time!!!!