Frugal Fashionable Fridaaaaaaay!

Dress (yes, this is a one piece!): Vintage, thrifted - $7
Sash/ belt: Vintage, came off a skirt I thrifted 
Shoes: NastyGal, I got them last Fall for $49!!!

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want/ need/ hear/ see

I pre-ordered this book today and can't wait to get it! It includes images from seven of his notebooks! Eeeeeek! More info is HERE

It's almost time to start working on Rose's new home!!! I have another two acres I am going to fence in for this girl..... and I am converting the hog pen into a stable for her.... Hopefully by the end of June she will be at her new home!
Usually Christian picks the songs for this segment, but this week, I am dedicating this song to him. He has been such a huge support to me during this year with losing my dad, losing my sweet Baby-girl, and being between two homes for the last 14 weeks. I love you sooooo freakin' much and I thank you.
I loved Mad Max when I was younger, and now the new one has Tom Hardy??? Oh, hell yes. Can't wait to see this one! 


What I Wore....

I drive past this little place that was in "My Cousin Vinny", called 'Sac-O-Suds' every single day. 

Take a look at the clip and you will understand the humor in the shirt and why I just had to buy one:

shoes: Merona, Target, $12
skirt: thrifted, $2
shirt: Sac-O-Suds, $9.95