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I just came across a company that has started manufacturing the film that fits the old Polaroids!!!! Eeeeek! It is pretty pricey to buy the film, and not frugal in the least bit, but I am still excited that there is even an option if I wanted to buy film for my old Polaroid!!
They are also working on "Instant Lab Universal"which creates a way to transform digital images on almost any smartphone or tablet into classic Polaroid format INSTANT photos!!!! That will be my official "want" this week! It should be out sometime this year!!! Click on the photo below to be taken to the website!

I need this man to come live at my farm full time! This has been a crazy week - a sick chicken, Baby had another seizure, the cat got in a fight with another cat, AND I got a scratched eyeball from some briars when trying to get the cat out of the tree!! It would be soooooo much easier if Dr. Dolittle had a permanent residency here at the farm!! Lol!

...annnnd that brings me to my 'hear' this week. Such a sweet song, "When I Look Into Your Eyes" from the Dr. Dolottle soundtrack. Enjoy! 
Back in September, I shared a Kickstarter project that I was really excited about on a "two cents tuesday" post . Well, I finally got the BEAUTIFUL book of photos that Nahanni Arntzen put together of her father's days (and her early years as a child) working in reforestation in British Columbia in the 70s. 
"Nahanni Arntzen was born inside a teepee on the shore of the Kingcome River in remote British Columbia. Her parents were tree-planters, hired by logging companies to repopulate the large swaths of land left naked by clear cutting forestry operations. On and off for the first eight years of her life, Arntzen lived wherever the Nahanni Reforestation camp went—a free childhood spent pestering the camp cooks and playing with the camp dogs. From 1977 to 1987 her father, Daniel James, ran the operation, which he named for her. During this time, James and his operation of 25 to 30 men and women planted up to 12 million trees. And thankfully, James was there with a camera, capturing the ins and outs of daily life as a tree planting hippy in Interior B.C. Now after some 30 odd years laying unseen, over 500 Kodachrome images capture the largely undocumented lives of 1970s tree planters."
For more information, I have linked the photos below to their website, so click away and order your very own copy! It's breathtaking and amazing!!






Photos In the Most Beautiful Sunkissed Light!!!

 Today, I was able to get some pictures of Lacey, the sick chicken - she was feeling much better and so I decided to let her out to enjoy some sunshine... We are not out of the woods yet, but I am glad she was at least walking around today! The rest of the crew makes an appearance too - except for Milly and Ellen. They were laying in a part of the field away from everyone else and I was trying to stay close to Lacey to keep an extra close eye on her..

 Misty and Eli have become quite close....


 Miss Ellie - with the most beautiful markings.... I love this face!
 Eli & Misty cautiously approaching Lacey.
 Pancha girl!
 She has the fluffiest butt!
 ...here she was shaking off the dust from a dust bath.... this one is hilarious! Shake it, Pancha!!!

 ....big horns...
Lacey got smack in the middle of some goat drama, so I let her hang in the yard with Baby while I fed everyone and closed up Milly for the night...
 Lacey surprised me by starting to walk around a bit! Yesterday she would barely move. She is still sickly, so she will sleep inside with us again tonight and go out tomorrow for some sun rays and playtime when I get home from work...
 ...just two gals walking around in the evening sun......

 ...see where she gets her name?


Two Cents Tuesday!

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” ~Theophrastus


Photo (by Hans Boehler) of Gustav Klimt and Emilie Flöge (1909).

So, Valentine's Day is coming up in the next few weeks, and that makes me think of the beautiful paintings of Gustav Klimt. His stuff just exudes romance and I love how mysterious his actual love life is/was in pretty much every publication about him. He had a whole lot of illegitimate children, he loved a whole lotta women, yet it isn't clear at all in anything what exactly his relationship was with Emilie Flöge. The mystery makes their story so open to the imagination - in all the paintings or photographs, it appears that there was definitely a special kind of love, but was she his best friend or his lover? I love not knowing, but at the same time wish that one day we found out that she was indeed the love of his life, his best friend, and most significant companion.... ahhhhh, romance.... I also love this photo of Klimt and his cat. I could not find out who took this, so if you know, shoot me a message so I can credit!
February 19, 2015 is the Chinese New Year and this starts the 'Year of the Goat/ Sheep'. I think this is gonna be a fabulous year! 
..annnnnnnd last but certainly not least, it is $2.99 Tuesday at Fresh Market! 
I think it may be a patty melt, salad, and french fry night! I actually like FM more since hearing that they went above and beyond by signing the Fair Food Agreement with CIW! Read more about that by clicking the image below. I learned about it through watching the documentary "Food Chains"



 This is the segment that sums up the weekend up until the 'Sweet Stuff" post....
The entire weekend was devoted to working on the little garden space. The piece of land I wanted to use for this area was completely overgrown and nothing but a HUGE briar patch. I cleared it entirely with hand tools - a small battery operated saw and a pair of hedge shears. PURE ELBOW GREASE. I cut the briars in 5-10" pieces, raked them up, and hauled them to the local leaf and limb drop off. Saturday I dropped off 366 lbs, and I almost have another truckload ready to go with the same amount..... Wow!!! I have officially blown my own mind.....I did it! Cleared it, raked it, fenced it (still need to figure out where I want my gate), and am almost ready for gardening fun!!! Eeeeek! Here is a peak at the happenings in this week's tidbits:

 No seed shopping is complete without a good Ryan Gosling meme...
 My rosemary plant I got on clearance got a little frost bitten ... :(

...a beautiful sunset and a regal goat...
 ...before the madness...