Happy Halloweeeeeen!!

I absolutely LOVE any excuse to get dressed up. Yes, even though I am 38, I will get dressed up tonight and hang with my girlfriends. My costumes over the years have gotten more simple with each passing year, but I still go for it. Here is a look back at several costumes. Some years I have dressed up multiple times for different events, so there are a LOT. I hope all of you feel like a kid again tonight and either pass out candy in costume, or go out in costume. My mom still gets a kick out of dressing up too! I guess most of my family seems to stay a kid at heart no matter what the age! The following photos are memories of Halloweens past - a few are from the actual remake of Halloween by Rob Zombie. Some are of my Baby-cakes dressed in her costumes - she doesn't get nearly as thrilled about being in costume as I do!

The very first picture is me as Strawberry Shortcake. Mama colored my stripes on my tights, drew the strawberries on my apron, and made my hat! I was so proud of this costume!!!!
Betty Boop:
Raggedy Ann & Andy (the party versions):
Audrey Horne (Twin Peaks)
Ronnette Pulaski & Laura Palmer:

...Um... A Sugar Daddy pop? Ha!
Baby as a banana split...
Homicidal Hotties and Raggedy Ann...
Tweedle Dang & Tweedle Damn!
Tweedle Darn:
..a Fangtasia bartender ;)...and after a fresh snack...
My mom as a hunter and I was her trophy kill....
Baby came to work with me dressed as a scary skeleton!
..thrown together and not quite sure....
Michael Myers and myself...
A bearded circus lady....

...A billboard from the Halloween set...


want/ need/ hear/ read

these beautiful earrings...... that you can purchase from this new place I discovered that is owned by H&M: 

gonna order this one online HERE:

Christian's pick for last week, but I never got around to doing a 'want/need' post... New Aphex Twin!

This book. You can purchase it on Amazon HERE.


Midweek Mixtape AND Catchup Post!!

 I have been too busy the last few weeks to be able to be regular on my posting, BUT I am gonna try my best to get back to it!! Last week was full of fun, driving, and another Beekman sighting. This is a cliffs-notes on my last week. It all started with helping my brother out with some store signings - his latest CD is now available nationwide in stores. How crazy is that?? He started up his very own label and now has nationwide distribution, so on top of the regular work days, after work last week, I accompanied him to store signings/ meet and greets. Pretty cool. Then Friday night was their CD release party in Atlanta, and after a mere three hours of sleep, I headed back to Atlanta to see the Fabulous Beekman Boys (a tradition since 2011) - Yippppeeeee! Saturday when I returned, something had beat up my little Spirulina pretty bad, so she has been recovering upstairs and she is slowly improving. I may be taking her to the vet today or tomorrow just to be sure she is ok. Sunday and Monday were devoted to Baby since I had to neglect her regular playtime last week due to the hectic week. So.... the week in photos: