Monday Sweet Stuff! Cinnamon Rolls!

Oh..... my.....GAWD!!! These are serious goodness. Cool weather always makes me crave cinnamon-y things more and since the temps have not gotten out of the 70s and the leaves are starting to fall, I just couldn't resist trying to make these bad boys.....

This recipe makes exactly seven rolls, so if you want to make more, I would suggest making two batches - not just doubling this batch for a bigger one, and the reason is because this dough is STICKY!!! I cannot imagine working with a bigger ball of this sticky dough!

What you will need for this seven roll batch:

1 glass pie dish
2 large bowls for mixing
a pastry cloth

3/4 C brown sugar
1/4 C sugar
4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp salt
2 Tb softened butter

For the dough:
2 1/2 C  Cup 4 Cup flour OR just regular All Purpose flour
2 Tb sugar
1 1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 C buttermilk
1/4 C reg milk  (I used raw goatmilk)
2 Tb melted butter
 (then 4 more Tb butter for the pie dish and the tops of rolls)

For the icing:
3 Tb melted butter
4 oz cream cheese
1 C powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 425.
Prepare filling by mixing ingredients (brown sugar, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, salt, & butter) in a bowl, set aside.

In the other bowl, whisk together all dry ingredients for dough.
Add melted butter, then buttermilk and milk.
Mix with a fork until all dry ingredients are incorporated into the dough - the dough will be very, very STICKY!!
 Lay down your pastry cloth and sprinkle generously with Cup 4 Cup (or flour) and spoon your gooey dough ball onto the cloth. Fold over and work the dough about 10 times and press out into a rectangle about  12x8 inches. Spread a little softened butter onto the dough, and then dump your filling on top, evenly distributing it and gently pressing it into the dough. Roll up the dough - the long to long ends get rolled (so your roll ends up being about 12 inches). Cut off the ends, and cut pieces about 1 1/2 inches thick. I got seven rolls.
Melt 2 Tb butter and swish around the pie dish, being sure to coat even the sides of the dish. Place the first roll in the center and then put the rest around that roll. Melt 2 more Tb butter and dip your fingers in it and dab the tops of the rolls before popping the rolls in the oven for 15 minutes at 425, then lower oven to 350 and continue baking another 9 minutes. Take out of the oven and let cool while you prepare the icing.....
For the icing, mix all ingredients together vigorously with a fork, until the right amount of gooey-ness for topping the rolls.

.....then, devour. Mmmmmmm-mmmm!


Midweek Mixtape (Fall Edition)

I love Fall! I love the breezes, the air, the chill, the colors, I love the grey and sometimes somber moods that come along with it, and I LOVE the music associated with the changes in the the seasons. Here are a few songs that are a must for the breezy and colorful days of Fall for me!


Travis Family Farms Giveaway!!!

***Giveaway CLOSED***
Thanks for entering via Instagram, Facebook, and/or the blog!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh...... the very first day of Fall.......The morning temps were in the 50s and I thought it was a perfect day to host a Fall themed giveaway. Travis Family Farms sent me a basket chock full of soaps, body butter, and a soy candle. My showers have been heavenly since receiving my goodies... My favorite scents are the Patchouli and the Coconut, and the Vanilla body butter smells DELISH - it smells good enough to eat! I am placing an order for the Coconut body butter next - that's sure to liven up a wintery day, dontcha think ;) ? Click HERE to be taken directly to the online store....
 After working in the yard with my best girl frannnnnnd, Lauren (she came over with an axe, ready to get in a good workout on some overgrown, out-of-hand Bradford Pear trees), we came in from the sun with a tad too much... I gave her some of the body butter to take home and told her to chill it in the fridge and apply after a soothing rosemary mint bath. Can you imagine how good that must feel on sunburned skin?
 ....I am excited to announce this giveaway is sponsored by Travis Family Farms in North Scituate, Rhode Island. This family run business is operated entirely by the Travis family, and the soaps are handmade by Rachyl. She helps care for all the goats - delivering the babies, milks them, as well as showing them at local 4-H shows. This is her life and she LOVES it. She makes and sells the soaps so that she can make enough money to continue supporting her love of the goats and save up for college to pursue her dreams in the medical field.
This is what is up for grabs:
Two bars of soap (their Fall Apple is one of them!) and a natural wooden slatted soap dish so that your bars can last longer in between uses. To enter, follow the rules below.
Rules to enter:

Go HERE to like Travis Family Farm Facebook page.

Follow me HERE on Instagram or HERE on Facebook.

*Comment below with your favorite thing about Fall....*

Optional: sign up for notifications by email so that you will be notified of future posts such as this giveaway!

A winner will be picked at random on Saturday the 27th. I will update this post with the winner's name and you will have 48 hours to get in touch with me with an address so I can send the goods!


Monday Funday.....

I had to take today off of work so that I could get all my vehicle registration and drivers license changed over to my new address. After that ordeal, I did a little more yard work and cleaned out the carport/barn/home gym so that I have absolutely no excuse to get in a good workout - even in the rain!! I am loving this place more and more every day and I swear I didn't think that was possible!!!

This is where Lauren hacked away at the overgrown weeds-turned-trees area..... I can see Eli and Ellie just by stepping out the front door now!!!
I still haven't gotten around to putting in a garden yet, so since I had peas ready to go in the ground, I put them in these porch pots.... maybe I will get a little something!

Spirulina has calmed down so much since she gets to go outside when she wants.... I still worry about her a little since she is still s little girl, but I'm hoping she is fast enough and smart enough to outsmart anything that might try to get after her.
She absolutely LOVES Baby so much.

Baby was pooped to the max after being outside for most of the day. I made sure I was outside for the most part since Spirulina is still getting used to being outside.....

All of this wood was cleared out from my new home gym....Moving it was a workout in itself! I did a lot of jumping and stomping trying to avoid spiders.
Boom! Lots of space to move around! That wooden pile cramped my style, but I was too scared to mess with it until today.... Something about setting up the computer speakers and my iPod out there made the work more appealing.
You can also see the hog pen from the back door now!!! Whoop! Yay for friends like Lauren to come and help a sistah out!!

Baby really enjoyed running in the breeze and cooler temps....

....loving this rural living for sure......


want/ need/ hear/ read

This long-sleeved shirt-dress by Madewell....a 'want, but can't have' item.... pretty sure I came across this piece too late -I love the long sleeves and paired with some bright tights and colorful shoes or black tights and cowboy boots, this can be worn for just about anything! 
I NEED a running partner! It's so hard to find someone that can consistently be on the same schedule - life is just hectic for us all and I guess it is good t have that run alone to let my mind wander.....  although if anyone out there want to come with, let me know!!

Today's read is really more of a look - I stumbled across the website of Lori Damiano and got sidetracked for a bit looking through her paintings.... Check out the rest of her stuff HERE.


Two Cents Tuesday......

I love Tuesdays and look forward to these posts when I know I will have the time to devote to them. I get super inspired by the things I post and hope it spreads to my readers too! Today I was pressed for time, but did have a few things to share....
First up:
Nahanni Arntzen is in the process of putting together this book of photographs from when her father was a tree-planting contractor (1977-1987) and it is simply beautiful! You can make a donation the the Kickstarter campaign HERE.

I just stumbled across THIS blog and in particular, THIS RECIPE for these outright mouthwatering photos of these mashed potatoes....I have been on a comfort food kick as of late, and I think these are gonna make an appearance on the menu one evening this week! ;)
....annnnnnnd last but not least:
THIS POST that includes a hack for making running easier. Seems rather appropriate since I am just getting back in the swing of things in my new little city!