...my last days of holiday break... (I found some really AWESOME treasures!)

Today was the last day of my wonderful week off work.... This morning I woke up at 5:30 just to get back into the rhythm and had my coffee, did some laundry, made a delicious breakfast, and went to the farm..... yesterday and today we decided to devote the day to thrifting, junk hunting, and record shopping! Gotta have pah-LENTY of fuel for that!!
our kitchen lets in the most beautiful morning light.......
For breakfast, I made some bacon, steamed some broccoli, scrambled some eggs, and made some little hash browns with fresh potatoes, parmesan cheese, cayenne pepper, and parsley -Yummmmm!
...then on to the farm....man, the sky was gorgeous!
ohhh, my sweetest Milly....
....always has a smile for me.....
now on to the treasures.... first, let me just say that I have an odd obsession with old German records. Check out this one I found! I put it on and began dancing around the house and began digging through my new clothes....
I got this navy blue uniform type skirt. It reads a size 14 on the tag, but I held it up in the store next to a size 8, and it was waaaaaay smaller. Isn't it funny how back in the day, the sizes were so much different? Anyway, I love the fit of this skirt - I am only wearing this shirt with it because I was too lazy to change from what I had on already... You know I love my GnR!!
I also got this really cool white comfy skirt for $1.25. They were having a half off sale at the Salvation Army!
I also got a really cool robe - it's red, white, and blue and looks very Jetson-like... annnnd I got a really cute all in one outfit that is baby blue and white - you can't really tell from the insta-pic, but it's super cute!
...and those pants hanging up back there were also part of my treasure today! They were just still wet so no modeling those today! Very cool though still!
awwwww....look at this handsome man!
I found a bunch of vintage sheets.....
...lots of scrap fabric pieces - some even look like Pucci!
...some new Corell dishes to add to my collection! I love mixing and matching all the patterns!! I even found a pattern I didn't have yet!!
and check this out....yes, these mugs are nothing special, EXCEPT I had one of these already and for some strange reason, it was my 'go to ALWAYS' mug every dang morning. My favorite mug! (yes, for real).... well, I pointed out the mug at The Potters House to Christian and he convinced me I should get the ugly thing so that I could be sure to always have one clean!! So I did!
We also made out with a TON of records that we were too lazy to get out of the car.... more on those later! Off to bed so I can be ready to close out 2013 tomorrow morning! Night y'all!!!


Saturday visit from an old friend.....

This whole week has been awesome - Christian was home for Christmas for the first time since 2009, I have been able to avoid much farm work because of the abundance of rain (yippee! and dang! all at the same time), and then the week was wrapped up nice and pretty with a visit from my friend, Justin!! I hadn't seen him in years! He has a beautiful partner, Stina and they have a beautiful little girl named Elsa.
My glittery red shoes were still under the coffee table from the Christmas benefit I did TWO WEEKS AGO (yeah, I know...maybe it's time to clean?) and Elsa needed to try them out....
Photo 3-2
We hung around the house for a bit, drank coffee, and then headed down to The Grit for some brunch.....It was delish! Justin used to work here waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day when I would never eat there...I mean, I was never a vegetarian, so why bother? Bahahahaha! - that was before I was adventurous enough to try tofu....and then I was hooked (on THEIR tofu)!! Photo 4-2
Photo 5-1
Unfortunately the weather was not exactly perfect for a farm visit, but doable, and the rain was light enough for a teensy visit..... IMG_5325
It took Elsa a few minutes to take in the farm from her mama's arms before she was ready to be freeeeeeeeeeee!
Oh, man - I just could eat up that little cherub baby!! Is she just not the cutest?
Stina was getting some love from Misty......
.....and then the bottom fell out.....
...this was where it got really fun for Elsa....
Elsa was NOT going to let a few drops rain on her parade! She got to play a few more minutes before it got too wet, rainy, and cold to stay...
Then they were off! What a nice Christmas treat.


The day after Christmas = Lazy farm day.

The day after Christmas was cold and sunny - perfect! I have been letting Milly go shirtless - she has a few hot spots on her, but I feel like the cold, clean air and the sunshine have got to be good for her skin. She seems to be enjoying the freedom of no shirt as well! My sweet girl always seems to have a smile on her face......
Eli always gets super fluffy in the winter and looks like such a regal, strong, Alpine mountain goat!!
Forest still doesn't get everyone's fascination with the camera.... I have to really want a close up of him and Speckles. They are not attention hams like the goats....
It's 'Goat Face Identification Time'!! I can easily tell all three babies apart (yes, they are almost THREE YEARS OLD, but I still call them my babies...) - they have such different snouts for one... This one is Misty. She is the only white goat out here with absolutely NO freckles on her nose. She also is the only one with wattles.
This is Milly - Misty's twin sister -  her little snout has big freckles...
This is Ellen. She is the daughter of Eli & Ellie. She also has a freckled snout, but in addtion to that, she has the cutest "airplane" ears. They look like they are ready to take flight! She also has this cute little curl at the corners of her mouth that make her appear to be smiling all the time. Aside from her physical characteristics, she is a 'wild child'. She doesn't want or need to be petted and loved on like the others, she is very independent, and acts just like her dad....
This is Ellie. Ellen's mama. She is the only non-white goat I have. She and Eli were my very first goats ever. She is super protective and affectionate. Her and Eli are the only one with horns out here, so they are kept in a paddock separate from the other girls. She also has the curl at the lips that look like a permasmile, and she has NO freckles. She also has different ears than anyone else out here....
This is Eli. Ellie's 'husband' and Ellen's mama. He has HUGE horns and a freckled snout. VERY easy to tell him apart from the others.
No on to a few girls of the hen squad..... this is Pancha (you can read all about her story HERE)
This is (left to right) an Americauna with no name, Cuckoo (in the back), and Leghorn....
This is Aeon Clux. She is a rescue also - rescued from the highway after falling from a chicken truck. You can read her story HERE.
Forest and Speckles...
Hey, mama - come here....
Hmmmmm.... what's this in your horn, Eli? Have you been being a bully to the sheep again?
Ohhhhhh, no! Just playing around a bit! Look at this face.... no bad boy stuff going on here... ;)
Baby's tired. She can't run around too long before her leg gets a little sore... She had a second knee surgery back in August and is still mending. By Spring she should be good as new!!
Now that everyone had their time in the spotlight, it's time for snoozing.....
C'mon, Baby....ready to go?
Hope you all had a beautiful time with family and friends and ate too much like myself.... It's almost the weekend!!