Tree Sap Makes .... Goat Lipstick? ;)

 This evening when I arrived in the field, I was greeted with the funniest sight....Milly, Misty, & Ellen all had what appeared to be dark lipstick on....Now, my goats are usually exceptionally clean - I'm not quite sure how they do it, but to see THIS was a rare surprise!!

 They were not the least bit ashamed of their lips either.... each one came up and showed off their new made up faces.... Milly even yawned at the fact that I was interested in this new look... She just happened to be the one who had the most 'lipstick' on too.....

 The 'lipstick' was in fact cedar tree sap. That poor tree barely had any bark left on it!

 Can you see the droplets of sap here?

 Ellen was second in line with the sapstick on her face........

 ....and Misty had the least amount. She is dainty and very ladylike in everything she does - she most likely wiped her mouth after devouring that trunk!

 Just so you can tell them apart in the pics - Misty has absolutely NO freckles on her nose:

 Milly has the most freckles:
 ...and Ellen only has a few freckles:

 Beautiful sunset & beautiful moon! Goodnight, all!


Turkeys!!! Reserve Yours For Thanksgiving NOW!!

In Dei Manus Farm will be offering locally grown and pasture raised turkeys. They will be ready for pickup around November 20th, fresh, unfrozen, and just in time for Thanksgiving. Their goal is to raise Bourbon Red turkeys in a way that is close to their natural habitat. They are raised outside as soon as they are mature enough to handle the elements. This gives them the opportunity to forage through a pasture just like they do in the wild. This gives them the chance to run, play, and scratch through the grass and leaves to find seeds and nice juicy bugs! We believe this produces a higher quality and better tasting bird. All of our turkeys are processed at a USDA and FDA approved facility. Reserve your turkey now, quantities are limited. Accepting deposits now. Contact Dan or Joy Browning at 706-742-8968 or email beavertribe81@yahoo.com !!


Milly - SHIRTLESS! Mushrooms GALORE!!!!

My sweet beautiful, Milly - yeah, she has crooked teeth, a bony hiney, a tale that doesn't work (it just hangs as opposed to standing up), and she baas like a trumpet - but this little girl has won my heart over again and again with her constant fight and refusal to let that awful meningeal worm (click here to learn about this nasty parasite) get the best of her!
Whoa!!!!!!! Check out Milly!!! After over a year of having to have bandages and shirts on, she is finally getting to the point of going shirtless for a bit each day! If you don't know much about why Milly has had to wear these, you can read about her story HERE.
The above photo is Milly's worst side - the bandages are actually covering new skin - not any lesions, but keeping the new skin covered until the fur grows back - NO LESIONS!!! I am so happy! The photo below is Milly's other side - completely healed!! Although her tail is still partially paralyzed, and she has bony hind legs, her energy isn't affected and she plays as rough as the others!
The mushrooms have taken over the fields after all the rain!! So many different shapes and sizes - so many little bug umbrellas!! 

Blue skies and goat wattles!!

Eli loves to smile for the camera!

Milly's appetite is healthy as can be!

The garden is about to get  some major work done by the goats.....

...the leaves are falling off the trees......