Photos from the week, artwork made from 'About An Acre' eggs by Renee (an egg customer), and weird weather!!

The "Sleeping E's" (Eli, Ellie, & Ellen)
 My Ah-MAZING new kitchen art by Renee Hodnett! What a great surprise! I LOVE it!!

 bzzzzzzzzzzz...zzzzzz...zzzzzzz...bizzzzzy beez pollinating my plants out in the garden!!

 Forest got a haircut last week by a PROFESSIONAL... Lauren Howard from Relic Salon in the Chase Street Business District!
 Milly is feeling better, her tail still isn't UP, but she is feeling feisty enough to fight for the title "Queen of the Mountain"!

 Sisters.......Twins.....Best Friends....Misty & Milly!

 Milly made it! She ran the others off the goat hut and is the official queen!!

 Misty fights for the title of "Queen of the Milking Stanchion".....

 Eli has never been happier....

 Mom and pop never too far from each other.....

 Eli observing his lady.....

 Ellen: "mmmmmm-mmm! This stuff is GOOOOD!"

 This sneaky little fox was snooping around my chickens on Wednesday.....INSIDE the pasture fence....If he knows what's best for him, he will stay away....I have a little .22 bullet with his name all over it.....
 Wacky storm clouds on the way out to the farm....could we be getting RAIN?!?!?!?!?!?

 Nah - too good to be true....the rain stopped about a mile before I got to the farm...DANG!

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