Week In Pictures & We Have Baby Cucumbers, Green Beans, Okra & Tomatoes!!!!

Morning snacking on the pine trees.......
Misty & Milly always greet me with grins......

Eli is really healthy and has put on a great deal of weight since the move to the new farm.....LOOK AT THAT BELLY!!
Beautiful and magestic Eli...

It is really so considerate of the goats to keep the fence-line cleared, huh?

Speckles and Forest doing some early morning grazing...
Hey look - it's Sandi!! C'mon guys - maybe she has SNACKS!

Baby yellow string beans!!! YOWZA!

Forest trying to get some attention.......

Speckles only LOOKS plump...it is ALL fluff, really.
Sweet baby Ellen looks just like her daddy, Eli.

Munch munch chew chew...

Misty and her wattles....and a cheek full of cud.

Milly relaxing and chewing cud after a loooong hard day.....GRAZING.
Purple bell pepper buds!!!!
Heirloom Tomatoes!!
Baby okra!

Ellen is so spoiled......still nursing from Ellie....she is such a good mom.
Misty and the hens..
Ellen looking for her own space...
This is Lucky (the Dominecker in the middle)
 Her name is Lucky because she has escaped death at least twice. She is the only hen that I have that actually has a name - and I just felt she deserved one for being so resilliant!

Eli & Ellie
Red potatoes!
Misty squeeeeezing under my leg for maximum cuddling....
Our new leghorn - she just started laying!
One of our French Black Copper Marans...
Check out the feathered feet on this girl!

Smiling Ellie
Baby cukes!!

Baby keeps the weeds and grass down in the garden area....

Green beans! Wahooo!

Typically what I see as I am leaving for the evening....

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